An indie game where you touch the wind but you gradually turn into a monster.

Is just one suggestion made by the Game Idea Generator. There’s literally hours of fun to be had by just going through this and seeing the madness it come up with.

You might want to take notes because out of the chaos some really amazing ideas sometimes materialize.

An MMO where you must obtain collectible princes and princesses to forge the sacred sword.


A shooting game where you run away from farms in binary.


An indie game where you stop breathing if you don’t destroy baby animals in a laboratory.


Amusing LG Viral Marketing Videos

What do you do if you want to convince people that your HD TVs are the mutts nuts? You stage a series of pranks in which people think that the images on your screens are really happening.

At least that is what LG have done in the above and below videos.

Disney/Avatar Crossovers | Robby Cook

Ariel, Waterbender

Colour me impressed by Robby Cook‘s interpretation of various Disney Princesses as Benders from the world of Avatar: The Last Airbender.

I’m going to confess to not only having watched Avatar, but to having really enjoyed it. Sure it’s a little childish at times, but it’s actually a really well done show, and the lore and setting it really well fleshed out.

Via Design Taxi

Tiana, Swamp Bender
Princess Aurora of the Northern Water Tribe
Mulan of the Kyoshi Warriors
Jamsine, Firebender
SnowWhite and the 7 earthbenders
Pocahontas, Airbender
Megara, Master of Throwing Daggers
Rapunzel, Sun Warrior
Belle, Librarian
Ariel and Prince What’s his name as Water Bender and Water Tribe Warrior
Esmerelda as dancing Fire Bender