Disney/Avatar Crossovers | Robby Cook

Ariel, Waterbender

Colour me impressed by Robby Cook‘s interpretation of various Disney Princesses as Benders from the world of Avatar: The Last Airbender.

I’m going to confess to not only having watched Avatar, but to having really enjoyed it. Sure it’s a little childish at times, but it’s actually a really well done show, and the lore and setting it really well fleshed out.

Via Design Taxi

Tiana, Swamp Bender
Princess Aurora of the Northern Water Tribe
Mulan of the Kyoshi Warriors
Jamsine, Firebender
SnowWhite and the 7 earthbenders
Pocahontas, Airbender
Megara, Master of Throwing Daggers
Rapunzel, Sun Warrior
Belle, Librarian
Ariel and Prince What’s his name as Water Bender and Water Tribe Warrior
Esmerelda as dancing Fire Bender

Disney Princesses vs. Capcom

What happens when you mix the disney princesses with the characters from Capcom’s Iconic Street Fighter series? You get these lovely pixel art images by Mike V Design.

I really like the image of Snow White as Sakura, not entirely sure why Cinderella got the Chun-Li Treatment and not Mulan though. Pokahantis is I think Dhaslim and I’m not confident enough about the rest to figure out which Street Fighter characters they are based on.

I do want to know crack out my copy of Street Fighter Alpha and mash some buttons.

Hat Tip to  Design Taxi and shame on HiConsumption for removing the artist’s watermark.


Perfect dress for a Tolkien Fan

Not only does this dress feature a map of Middle earth on it but also has exquisite Elvish lettering on the belt, and hem (that is the right word isn’t it? I don’t know much about the anatomy of dresses) The matching handbag and the Elvish Llorian leaf brooch just show an amazing attention to detail.

Via Geeks are Sexy