Dream Journal: The Inmates Are Running the Asylum But They Don’t Know It

Quick note about a dream I had last night, the dream was set in military hospital which was run by John Cleese. The hospital had a full compliment of staff who were all military personnel who had been sent home from “The War” for some reason or other.

The thing is it became apparent towards the end of the dream that the staff at the hospital were all actually patients being treated in a mental asylum, but they didn't know it.

Make Up Optical Illusions



I can’t resist posting this kind of thing, Artist  Alexander Khokhlov has taken these photographs which make use of perspective and the make up art of Valeriya Kutsan to create some optical illusions. Like the Lichtenstein image above. and all the various ones below.

Fstoppers_alexander_khokhlov-1 Fstoppers_alexander_khokhlov-3 Fstoppers_alexander_khokhlov-4 Fstoppers_alexander_khokhlov-5 Fstoppers_alexander_khokhlov-6 Fstoppers_alexander_khokhlov-7 Fstoppers_alexander_khokhlov-8 Fstoppers_alexander_khokhlov-9 Fstoppers_alexander_khokhlov-10 Fstoppers_alexander_khokhlov-677644367 Fstoppers_alexander_khokhlov-1453483810

Via Fstoppers