Make Up Optical Illusions



I can’t resist posting this kind of thing, Artist  Alexander Khokhlov has taken these photographs which make use of perspective and the make up art of Valeriya Kutsan to create some optical illusions. Like the Lichtenstein image above. and all the various ones below.

Fstoppers_alexander_khokhlov-1 Fstoppers_alexander_khokhlov-3 Fstoppers_alexander_khokhlov-4 Fstoppers_alexander_khokhlov-5 Fstoppers_alexander_khokhlov-6 Fstoppers_alexander_khokhlov-7 Fstoppers_alexander_khokhlov-8 Fstoppers_alexander_khokhlov-9 Fstoppers_alexander_khokhlov-10 Fstoppers_alexander_khokhlov-677644367 Fstoppers_alexander_khokhlov-1453483810

Via Fstoppers

Author: Omar

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