ToastyMUG Hand Warming Mug

I drink a lot of tea and I live in a cold country, thus I often find myself using my tea cup as a temporary heat source, but my current set of tea cups are inefficient!  Sabrina Fossi has designed a mug specifically to keep your hands warm while drinking it your tea/coffee/hot chocolate or whatever, and it’s available to purchase in  green and grey for €44.00.

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Wolverine is the Best Disney Princess is an art… • Actors With Action Figures

By Amelie

It seems to have occurred to David J Prokopetz that with Disney’s acquisition of Marvel Comics Wolverine is now a Disney princess. And although Batman will always be my favorite Disney princess He commissioned artists to re-imagine Wolverine as a Disney princess.

The results are 30 images of Wolverine re-imagined as a Disney princess…

By Zoky
By Kris
By Vincent
By Fungii
By Andarix
By Mootiness
By Bitley
By Rux
By Larbesta
By Sasha
By Breadsports
By Gathaspar
By Clawfoot Tub
By Kelp Plankton
By Strampunk
By Héctor Barros
By Suzi Eberhard
By Sehn
By Nighte


By Olivia Bronson
By Hg-gh
By LeoModesto


By Didi Mamushka


By Katie Langua
By J. Stoncius


By Gabriela Birchal


By Platy
By Tluthal

Gallery #1

Gallery #2


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Light Kicks LED Shoe Light System

If there is one thing that I’m really disappointed about with current fashion trends, it’s that not enough garments incorporate bits that light up.

The Light Kicks LED shoe system from Think Geek is a step towards rectifying that. You can change the colour and have them either always on or just when you step down. What more do you need!

Game of Thrones Reenvisioned as Feudal Japanese Wood Block Prints

Beware Spoilers!

Artist Sei-G has created these beautiful images re-imagining scenes from the Song of Ice and Fire (Game of Thrones) series as Japanese ukiyo-e woodblock paintings.

You can buy prints on his Redbubble page.

Battle of the Trident

This is the iconic duel between Robert Baratheon and Rhaegar Targaryen that preceded the series by seventeen years. Instead of a war hammer, Robert wields a Kanab?, a club-like samurai bludgeoning weapon. His antlered helmet is inspired by the famous helmet of the warlord Honda Tadakatsu.

Tyrion at the Eyrie

Catelyn Stark, her uncle Brynden Tully, and a dispatch of the Knights of the Vale journey to the Eyrie while transporting their captive, Tyrion Lannister. Tyrion is dressed in the robes of a nobleman.

Bran Stark and Hodor journey north

Weirwood lore shares some interesting similarities to Shinto practices, so I drew a shimenawa (prayer rope) around the tree trunk.

Jon Snow duels Qhorin Halfhand as wildlings look on

The wildlings are dressed like the Ainu, who are the indigenous people of northern Japan. The Ainu are thought to be the descendants of the first inhabitants of the islands, and throughout history they have lived independently in the cold far north, beyond the grasp of the Emperor.

The Execution of Eddard Stark

Instead of having Ilyn Payne simply execute Ned Stark, an amused Joffrey orders Ned to commit seppuku. Ilyn is on hand to perform the kaishaku, or ritual decapitation to quicken the death. The paper in front of Ned is a death poem, which a samurai would traditionally write before ending his life.

Mother of Dragons

Danaerys wears Heian-period royal clothing and is seated on the Mongolian Steppes, a fitting analogy for the Dothraki Sea, far from Westeros.

Wedding Banquet by the River

Northerners gather for a traditional courtly wedding banquet as sellswords, posing as musicians, put down their instruments and prepare weapons. Outside, the bridge of the Twins is visible, inspired by the very famous Bridge of Awate print by ukiyo-e master Utagawa Hiroshige (1797-1858).

The Red Viper Dueling the Mountain

Oberyn Martell wields a naginata against Gregor Clegane, who fights with a no-dachi (greatsword) and a tessen (iron war fan). The three kanji on Clegane’s armor each translate to the word “dog”, in accordance with his family crest. I considered giving Martell a yari (single-pointed spear) but I liked how the naginata drew parallels to the visually similar duel between Ushiwaka and the warrior-monk Benkei in the Heike Monogatari.

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Nintendo “Intendo” Engagement Ring

This ring by Paul Michael Designs is the perfect engagement ring to ask someone to be your player 2.

Although to be honest I’m not too keen on the spiral design of the ring it’s self I assume it’s there to make sure that the controller doesn’t break off.

The ring is entitled “Intendo” as in I intendo marry you.

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WordPress Always check the Log Files

Recently I built a new PC and I ran into an issue where for some reason I couldn’t login to WordPress on my blog from the new PC. I could still login on my laptop, but not on my PC.

Every time I tried to login I got hit with the following error:

ERROR: Cookies are blocked or not supported by your browser. You must enable cookies to use WordPress.

This appears to be quite a common error but none of the solutions I found for it seemed to work.

My browser was accepting cookies, they were definitely not disabled, I’d noticed that WordPress had recently auto updated to 3.8.1 so I assumed that was the problem and it would hopefully fix it’s self in the next update. Anyway it was working on my laptop so I could still login.

Then all of a sudden a couple of days ago my laptop stopped being able to login to WordPress with the same error…

I searched and searched for a solution, I edited themes, manually removed plugins, deleted themes, created my own plugins to explicitly set the cookie, tried to ensure the that domain was correct.


I’d seen some people say that a reinstall helped so I reinstalled WordPress, after taking a backup, and then copied back my wp-config.php because it had the login details for the database in it.


Hunting for a solution for a couple of hours I decided to check the error log…

I wish I’d done this earlier… The log was full of errors most of them had something along the lines of:

PHP Warning:  Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/ohmznet/public_html/wp-config.php:34)

Ok Lets look at wp-config.php… Lo and behold:


What’s that after the end tag of PHP script? Two new lines…

It turns out that the second you write anything to the actual page, the header gets written, which means that you can’t set cookies. That includes whitespace.

Those two blank lines broke my WordPress site so bad that I couldn’t login.

So yeah, I’ve learnt a lesson I should already know: