Marvelous Nouveau

It’s nice to see some comic book related art featuring female characters that isn’t just tits and ass these Art Nouveau images by *HanieMohd  are great above Ms Marvel and later her more recent incarnation as Captain Marvel as well as many others. I read the first couple of issues of the new Captain Marvel and I quite enjoyed it, it’s good … Continue reading “Marvelous Nouveau”

She Ra Nouveau + Bonus 7 Deadly Sins of 80s Cartoons Nouveau!

When I wrote a post about the other princesses noveau it occurred to me that I hadn’t seen a She-Ra (Princess of Power) Nouveau image so I Googled and found the above, by Eamon but I also found a gallery of 7 Deadly sins of 80’s cartoon Nouveau… That is what this site is about! 7 Deadly Sins, 80’s … Continue reading “She Ra Nouveau + Bonus 7 Deadly Sins of 80s Cartoons Nouveau!”

The Other Princesses Nouveau

  Artist Kishokahime has put together a set of art nouveau images of the other princesses, you know the characters that Disney doesn’t own. It’s quite good… Above we have Lydia from Beatlejuice and Amalthia from the Last Unicorn and below we have Sorsha from Willow, Black Lady from Sailor Moon, Lili from Legend, Malta from Sea … Continue reading “The Other Princesses Nouveau”

Legend of Zelda Art Nouveau

These Art Nouveau images are by Artist Melissa Somerville (Deviant Art Page), and feture characters from the Legend of Zelda series. Her Deviant Art page is full of cool illustrations based on among other things the Zelda Universe and the Okami Universe. I can’t seem to find a fill size image of the Link and Zelda … Continue reading “Legend of Zelda Art Nouveau”

These Horrific Nouveau Dessert Images Will Drive You Mad

These Art Nouvea images by artist Echo Chernik behance / website mix desserts and HP Lovecraft’s Cthulu Mythos, madness never tasted sweeter. Via Illuminations and Other Stuff   Related articles Nouveau by Ninjaink( Beetlejuice Nouveau( The Avengers: Assembled for Art Nouveau!( Super Mario World Art Nouveau(

Nouveau by Ninjaink

I did say yesterday that I had seen a couple of images on NinjaInk’s page that I wanted to blog, here are some Nouveau images of classic kids TV shows (and Samus from Metroid and I think a Twilight Zone inspired one) each image links to the deviant art page for the image. Via Ninjaink’s … Continue reading “Nouveau by Ninjaink”