Tatakae Chou Samurai Seimeitai! Transformers Samurai

One of the most iconic scenes of the original Transformers TV show was the battle between Optimus Prime and Megatron on top of the Hoover Dam. Artist NinjaInk whose work I’ve posted here before has recreated this scene by replacing the main characters with samurai armour. You can buy this T-Shirt from RedBubble for £16. This isn’t … Continue reading “Tatakae Chou Samurai Seimeitai! Transformers Samurai”

Transformers meets Edvard Munch: The Screamer

Edvard Munch’s the Scream must be one of the most parodied images on the internet. I came across this image which looks like it depicts a scene from Transformers the movie (The 1986 that was good not the rubbish Bay-Formers ones). See what he did there… Starscrem is screaming… It’s available Via Riptapparel.com

Gaiking: looks better than Transformers…

This looks pretty cool,  I support giant robots in any form that doesn’t involve Michael Bay ruining my childhood. I’ve never heard of Gaiking but from the looks of it, it’s a Japanese animation revolving around a giant robot piloted by little blonde girl. What more do you need? Via Topless Robot

She Ra Nouveau + Bonus 7 Deadly Sins of 80s Cartoons Nouveau!

When I wrote a post about the other princesses noveau it occurred to me that I hadn’t seen a She-Ra (Princess of Power) Nouveau image so I Googled and found the above, by Eamon but I also found a gallery of 7 Deadly sins of 80’s cartoon Nouveau… That is what this site is about! 7 Deadly Sins, 80’s … Continue reading “She Ra Nouveau + Bonus 7 Deadly Sins of 80s Cartoons Nouveau!”

Orktimus Prime: Transforming Warhammer 40K Custom Miniature

I don’t often admit to this, but a very long time ago (20 years if not more) I tried to become a wargamer… I say tried because it never happened, I bought a lot of miniatures then discovered that when you live in Saudi Arabia there aren’t very many places to actually wargame. Anyway, that … Continue reading “Orktimus Prime: Transforming Warhammer 40K Custom Miniature”

Geek Icons on Pulp Novel Covers

These images by Tony Fleecs depict famous Geek Icons on the cover of pulp novels, A host of characters including Emma Frost, Batgirl, Harly Quin, Mary Jane, Padme, Princess Leia, Princess Peach, Rogue, Gambit, Super Girl, and Wonder Woman  all grace these covers. Also scroll to the bottom for a sad little bonus image I … Continue reading “Geek Icons on Pulp Novel Covers”

New He-Man Comic From DC

It looks like DC are going to be breathing new life into the He-Man franchise by releasing a 6 issue mini-series. Written by James Robinson, pencils by Philip Tan and inks by Ruy Jose. When I was a kid He-Man was my one dimensional hero of choice until I discovered Transformers, I devoured the books and TV show. … Continue reading “New He-Man Comic From DC”

Throne of Screams

Throne of Screams by Brinkerhoff imagines StarScream on the Iron Throne. The crown he wears in the Transformers movie is a nice touch but I can’t get past the fact that the colours on this image seem a bit too dark. If it tickles your fancy you have 24 hours (Probably less by the time you read this) … Continue reading “Throne of Screams”

Upcycled Geek Clothing By Bonga Chop Shop

Kendra of Bonga Chop Shop makes one of a kind up-cycled geek clothing and the like from vintage geek fabric. Like the above Pac-Man halter top (I think I had that design on a bed sheet…) or the Below Pac-Man skirt and Transformers mini dress.