Tribal Art

This is mostly stuff I drew by hand and then scanned into a computer and messes around with the make it look “Cool” I did most of these sometime around 2004 I drew half the image on graph paper and then added the flip side in Photoshop.


A tribal Angel

This was my first attempt at doing this, this fairly basic and a bit rubbish, I think it could possibly be improved upon by making the angel’s upper body simpler like a mirror of the “Skirt” bit at the bottom. I think I was just messing around with the wings and decided to complete the image.


A tribal dragonfly

This was my second attempt more complex, I think the head needs work, but aside from that it’s ok.


A tribal frog thing

Bit of a cop out here, this is actually the same as the dragonfly above except that I’ve moved where the two mirrored halves meet, I think it kinda looks like a frog so I kept it.

Pointy Thing:

Pointy Thing

This isn’t meant to look like anything, I guess is could be part of the decoration on a sword or a back tattoo or even a spaceship if you squint really hard. I was trying to replicate something I’d done and lost several years earlier, I’m not sure I succeeded.



Most complicated one I’ve done, I think it’s my favourite, if only I had the original files/paper this was drawn on…

Totem Pole:

Totem Pole
Totem Pole

This is actually just the pointy tribal thing above with the location of the mirroring changed. It’s probably just pareidolia but there are some pretty scary looking faces/skulls in there if you look hard enough…

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