Black Cat Clinging Earrings

These earrings by Kitty Azura aren’t currently available because she’s dealing with an order backlog, but I assume they will eventually become available on her Etsy page.

The cat is apparently based on the little cat in Trigun which makes them even cooler…


Cat Vampire

cat vampire

This is probably why you don’t hear too many stories of feline vampirism…

Cat vampire. Cashing on on the vampire craze. Possibly a little late, I think the kids these days are into, what, archery? Death sports? One Direction? Who knows. I’m not making a One Direction comic.

True fact: in its early stages, this comic was very different and entitled Snail Vampire, and was about a snail who is also a vampire. Both versions are terrible, but this one is worse. Enjoy.

Via Moonbeard


Cat-Vengers // By: Sara Richard
Website || deviantART || Twitter

Images by Sara Richard (WebsitedeviantARTTwitter) of the Avengers as cats. Also See image of Avengers as Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band:

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Le Chat Noir/Femme Chat

These three images by NinjaInk mix the Chat Noir poster with Cat Woman and Black Cat, they are ostensibly the same image, with the heads changed and with other minor modifications. Also Below is an Advert for Selina’s Nails a hypothetical Nail Salon.


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