What Is It With Cats And Laptops?

Cats seem magnetically attracted to keyboards, and once then are on them they seem to have a magical ability to mess things up. When we first got the kittens Tiffin managed to walk over Annabel’s laptop and change the screen orientation so it was upside down. I’d assumed that he’d pressed Ctrl-Alt-Down but apparently that didn’t do anything to the laptop. It took me 15 minutes to find the setting in Windows 7 that changes the screen orientation…

Via Sinfest.

Cute But Heartbreakingly Sad: Kittens With Myotonia Congenita

The two kittens in this video have Myotonia Congenita also known as “Fainting Goat Syndrome” when they get spooked by a loud noise they faint and are paralysed for a minute or so. The expression of confusion on their faces is heartbreaking.

What’s even sadder is that one of them passed away due to respritory failure. I really want to see my cats and give them a hug now… 🙁

Via Geekologie.