OpenKnit An Open Source Clothing Printer

OpenKnit is an open source clothing printer, you can find the instructions to build your own on GitHub. I think this is a great idea, from the looks of it you just feed in the pattern and your measurements and a couple of hours later you have clothes.
Here is a video that explains is much better than I can hope to:

Evangelion One Piece Dresses and Other Goodies

The sale is still on here: JSG has marked down 70% off their items as a final sale price. The Evangelion one pieces are only available in store though . At least, I can’t find them online.

These Evangelion plug suite one piece dresses were apparently only available in store at Atomic Boxx according to Gyaru Coordinates but I can’t find them on their web page.

I did however find this Pen2 baby onesie while looking for them.

This Kutsuragi Cosplay costume:

These latex plugsuit dresses:

And this Eva Unit 01 Kigurumi (Which was originally on Etsy but isn’t any more):

So it’s not a total loss.

Anime Inspired Leggings

Spirited Away Leggings

These anime inspired leggings from Etsy seller Zelas are pretty cool. Some Ghibli and some Evangelion, what more do you want?

Totoro Leggings

Evangelion Plugsuit Leggings

Light Kicks LED Shoe Light System

If there is one thing that I’m really disappointed about with current fashion trends, it’s that not enough garments incorporate bits that light up.

The Light Kicks LED shoe system from Think Geek is a step towards rectifying that. You can change the colour and have them either always on or just when you step down. What more do you need!

Nintendo “Intendo” Engagement Ring

This ring by Paul Michael Designs is the perfect engagement ring to ask someone to be your player 2.

Although to be honest I’m not too keen on the spiral design of the ring it’s self I assume it’s there to make sure that the controller doesn’t break off.

The ring is entitled “Intendo” as in I intendo marry you.

Via Fashionably Geek 

Orko Costume Hoodie

Words cannot describe how close I was to buying this Hoodie when I first saw it… I mean it’s an Orko Costume in hoodie form!

It’s only $60 from 80s Tees, and comes with the had and the ears and the face thing!

You would need some guts to pull this off but I reckon I could do it.

Perfect dress for a Tolkien Fan

Not only does this dress feature a map of Middle earth on it but also has exquisite Elvish lettering on the belt, and hem (that is the right word isn’t it? I don’t know much about the anatomy of dresses) The matching handbag and the Elvish Llorian leaf brooch just show an amazing attention to detail.

Via Geeks are Sexy

Comic Super Hero Print Leggings

Sadly no longer available, these Leggings from Romwe featured covers of various Batman comics on them. If you were able to invent a time machine and go back far enough for them to be available you could go and get them for $24.

Alternatively you could buy some leggings that they sell right now…

ROMWE Cartoon Beauty Print Color LeggingsROMWE Black And Red Poker Pattern PrintLeggingsROMWE Blue And White Porcelain Print Leggings

Via Fashion Tips From Comic Strips