Super Mario Brothers Kimono

I’m a little sad that my Japanese isn’t good enough to tell you the complete story behind this assuming there is one. From what I can gather the original Japanese post is just a blog post about geeky T-Shirts, and it happens to have this Kimono in it too.

The homemade (I assume?) Mario Kimono has a scent from Super Mario Bros embroidered on the “Obi” and the start screen on the back, as well as having Mario, Peach, Bowser a Boo and a 1-Up mushroom on the kimono.

The Famicom (What the Japanese NES was) controller obi tie makes it perfect.

Via Hiyoko-g

Incidentally the same post also has this pretty cool Gameboy Dress:

And these funky Gamer tights:

This is the 21st in a series of “Show Me Your Gamer Shirts” Blog posts by this blogger, so there is a lot more to see there.

Crazy Katana Headphones

I’m not one to describe things as being “Crazy” lightly but in this case that is actually what these headphones by Japanese Company Solid Alliance are actually called. At first thought you’d think it might be quite cool to wonder about looking like your cranium had been skewered by a roaming ronin (Who for some reason decided not to reclaim his sword) but thinking about it, these actually defeat the purpose of headphones.

I wear headphones as a means of trying to blank the world out, if you wore these you would have a constant stream of people hassling you to comment on your, arguably quite cool, headphones.

They don’t just come in Katana form though, the “Crazy” range also includes an apple with an arrow through it, a mushroom and mini ears.

There is also a second set which allows you to have bolts (Called the Franken) a banana, cat’s paws or sushi coming out of your ears…

Via CNET also seen on Reddit

Skull Plush Earmuffs

Here is a question, can a guy get away with wearing earmuffs? I think I could pull it off… I don’t think that this would be acceptable in a professional situation, but I think I could pull this off for day to day use.

I do get very cold ears, and those are very cute skulls…

Via Neato Shop


Nintendo Super Mario Belt

Super Mario Belt

I’m convinced I blogged this ages ago but apparently I haven’t: Janet of Saluki Feathers created this belt featuring the final level of Super Mario Brothers back in August as a birthday present for her brother.

It hit Reddit went viral, the internet had a collective joy-gasm at them and now she has started selling them on her Etsy page. They aren’t cheap at $395.00 but they are cool…

Thanks Laura for reminding me about this.

Super Mario Belt - Or Other Video Game

Super Mario Belt - Or Other Video Game

Super Mario Belt - Or Other Video Game

Interesting Phallic Necklace (Kind of NSFW)

I know that people often wear necklaces that represent things they love or enjoy… I wonder what the woman in this video loves?

Personally my favourite bit is the pull string, I chuckled quietly to myself when I saw that, I was expecting it to do that and I wasn’t disappointed.

Lockpick Cufflinks

Perfect for the activist who wants to look sharp in a suit but also be able to get out of a pair of cuffs when needed. These cuff links by Sparros incorporate a pair of lock picks so you can use them to uncuff yourself if captured by “The Man”

Black Cat Clinging Earrings

These earrings by Kitty Azura aren’t currently available because she’s dealing with an order backlog, but I assume they will eventually become available on her Etsy page.

The cat is apparently based on the little cat in Trigun which makes them even cooler…


Ashi Dashi Notebook Knee High Socks

Bored of your pencil socks but still want to make a statement about your commitment to writing using manual implements? Sock Dreams have you covered with these lovely Lined paper inspired socks. They even had a red margin! How cool it that!