Nintendo Games as Armour Cosplay…

I’m not entirely sure where I stand on these 2 cosplayers from Otakon 2011…
IMG_0201 IMG_0198

On the one hand the idea is pretty cool, it’s a shame it doesn’t look as good as it should… Also what a waste of old hardware and games… Someone could have been playing those games!

IMG_0202 IMG_0209 IMG_0208 IMG_0207 IMG_0205 IMG_0204IMG_0203
Images By coolsteel27 from Flickr

Death Star Dress


I actually have another article in the works about Star Wars related clothing, and I’d bookmarked this image to go with that but I feel obliged to post this Death Star dress by Jennifer Landa as @noSPicedhAM on twitter pointed it out to me  as something I’d be interested in.

I have to admit I hadn’t noticed the Tie Figher hair clip when I first saw it, or the starscape tights.

Also the article pointed an image on one of their previous articles which I dare you not to say AWWW to…


Via Fashionably Geek and Laughing Squid

Tetris TV costume and a canine controller


Irene Stone created this pretty awesome Halloween costume in which she dressed up as a TV with a game of Tetris on it and she dressed her dog up as a NES controller. I’m not normally a fan of people dressing up animals because I think it’s a little cruel, but the dog doesn’t seem to mind, and I’m a little torn with the coolness of it being dressed up as a NES controller.

Via Tiny Cartridge.

Awesome Tron Costume Using EL Film Strips

Syuzi over at Fashioning Technology has posted some awesome pictures of her Halloween costume where she dressed up as Quorra From Tron Legacy. The really cool thing is She A. Made the costume herself and B. Is planning on posting a tutorial online in the next three weeks.

Via Fashioning Technology.

Home Made Krang Costume

Check out this awesome costume of Krang from the Teenage Mutant Ninja/Hero Turtles. Its animated and even yells out quotes from the series.

I never got why they changed the name of the series to “Hero” Turtles in the UK, maybe just invoking the word Ninja would make kids want to stab each other in the eye with shuriken?

Via Topless Robot