Dream Journal: Wierd shoe shopping experience.

Last night i think i had a few dreams. I only remember one of them though and now only vaguely… For some reason I was on the run for someone and I’d lost my shoes. I needed to buy shoes because the ground outside was ripping my feet to shreds.

I was in a shop that normally sold shoes but didn’t for some reason. I was told that another branch of the same shop might have shoes but this one didn’t stock any. As I was walking around i found some shoes, costing anywhere between £1 and £80 and possibly more. When i checked my money i found that I only had £1 on me, so I tried to get one of the cheaper shoes, but everything was in the wrong place and none of the shoes i found were the £1 ones, even a pair of beaten up falling to pieces trainers were £80, I think eventually I did find some shoes that were £1 but the didn’t fit me. I spoke to the staff about the shoes and they said that they didn’t have any cheap shoes that would fit me…

Then the manager of the shop announced to the staff in a language that i get the feeling that i wasn’t supposed to understand but did that there was an incentive on for staff to sell me anything, this was uttered with some kind of reference to me as being the Fat customer or something like that, I don’t remember the exact wording.

I decided to complain to the management about them insulting me like this, but in order to do so i had to sneak into the backstage area of the shop to get to the offices and when I got there It looked more like some kind of evil villains lair, with scantilly clad women wondering about wearing police hats… I eventually found the person who I was goingto complain to just as my alarm went off and woke me up…

So this dream seems to expose that I have financial issues, am insecure about my weight, and my shoe size. Also I don’t trust anyone in retail.

Dream Journal: Software engineering nightmare…

I’ve been workign a bit of over time lately so I decided I’d reward myself with 15 minutes extra sleep this morning. I know that doesn’t sound like much but to me it can make all the difference.

In this 15 minutes I had a weird dream, I was in some nebulous education state between university and school and I was working on a project with a guy i went to elementary (primary) school with. The project was to develop some software program, we were really close to the deadline and we had an exam that morning, but we hadn’t done very much work. I ended up putting together the project to an acceptable-ish standard.

We went to hand it in and we were told by the people that we’d better get to the exam and that it would start soon, they also inferred to us that the exam was an open book exam which meant that we had to bring a computer program we’d already written with us and finish it in the exam. The thing is neither of us had done the pre work as we were expecting it to be just a regular exam.

On top of that we’d missed the bus in so we were having to walk the 30 minute walk into school. It was about this time I woke up thankfully due to my alarm going off.
I really hated doing exams…

Dream Journal: On School, Arabic and whatever

Two nights in the past week I’ve had dreams where I was remembering school, it’s been really wierd. A couple of nights ago I had A dream where I was resitting my finals at schools (This was 12 years ago) and it was horrible. I hated school, I really despised it, I enjoy learning, but I just didn’t like the restrictive way in which the Saudi Curriculum was set up.

You are forced to study a certain set of subjects, and for each subject you are given a government issued textbook. The word of the Text book is law, there is no discussion and you were (still are?) expected to essentially memorize the contents.

I especially at the time didn’t like the Arabic and Religious studies classes, not becuase I’m not a religious person or that I dislike the Arabic language, it’s more that I think some things should be left to interpretation, and that the opinion of one person should not be set in stone.

Anyway in my first dream I was sitting my exams and they were horrible, in my secons dream I was in a shopping mall (I think it might have been the Al-Rashid Mall) with Avarinne and I saw some arabs, who proceded to mock me about my Arabic. They were convinced that I was just a forieghner who’d learnt Arabic rather than a native speaker, and nothing I could say to them wold convince them otherwise.

As it turned out several people that were in the group, but who hadn’t noticed me were actually people I’d gone to school with. They attested to the fact that I had actually goen to School in Saudi and that I was and Arab. It was wierd, then there were just more and more people from school who turned up..
While I’m at it…

A few weeks ago I had another dream about a large number of people from my days at school suddenly turning up in Glasgow to study. It was really wierd…

I think I’m starting to get a little homesick, so it’s just as well I’m going home this chrismas for a couple of weeks. I also think I have some deepseated insecurities about my competence at the Arabic language mainly because I don’t use it anymore, they are unfounded as whenever I go home or have to speak to anyone in Arabic I’m fine (Although it some times takes me a little while to get going, kind of a mental context switch).

Did I mention I got refused credit for Arabic Level 1 at university… Mainly because I didn’t turn up to classed after I got bored of correcting the lecturer on his Arabic… I even ended up pointing out a mistake in the final exam…

Film Review: Yureru (Sway)

I’ve just finished watching a Japanese film on the World Movies channel called Sway. It’s an odd film what begins as Takeru Hayakawa leaves Tokyo to go to his home town for his mothers funeral leads to series of twists and turns that will change the his life and the life of his brother Minouru forever.

On getting home there is obvious resentment between him and his father, he’s abandoned the family business and gone to Tokyo to pursue a career as a photographer, in doing so he’s left behind his Minouru and thier childhood friend Chieko.

The first half of the film mainly covers Takero’s fathers resentment for him and his lifestyle choice, his father runs a petrol station which Chieko and Minouru work at and it seems that Takero’s father is mad at him for abandoning the family business.

You get the usual City Kid coming home to a small town stoy, and a love triangle between Takero, Minouru and Chieko. A incidet on a ricketty suspension bridge leads to Minoru being on trial for the murder of Chieko. What unfurls are various versions of what happened on the bridge, as the evidence unfolds.

In the meantime the relationsip between Takero and his father evolves, all in all this is a very down to earth film, the character development is well paced and you can sympathise with them even if you don’t quite understand their reasonning for what they do.

Dream Journal: Chocolate Nightmare & T.E.D.

I had two very odd dreams last night:
The first involved me going to a black tie dinner party with my parents and soem friends of the family. When we arrived at the party the people running were very snooty, and insulted my friend, but not much interesting happened untill the dessert course was served.
Instead of a dessert course we were dropped into a dungeon of sentient chocolate… it was rather disturbing, the chocholate attacked us and we had to make our way through caverns to try to get out. I remember thre being little chocholate chicks that came out of chocolate eggs which then attacked us and I remember there being a huge chocolate fae on a wall that bombarded us with a tidal wave of chocolate. It was quite scary I don’t think I’m going to be able to look at a dairy milk in the same way for a while.
The second dream was set in some mashup of my old flat on byres road the house I lived in in saudi when I was 10 and my current house in Glasgow. It involved the same friends of the family that were in the previous dream, so it might have been a continuation, I think I’d woken up briefly between them though.
There was some commotion happening outside on Byres road, we looked out the window and it was total chaos. People were wondering about with billboards saying that T.E.D. had happened. I think T.E.D. was The End of Days but I’m not sure…
Anyway The TV was saying that there was no point in going to work because T.E.D. was happening, and people were panicking, I was unsure whether I should go to work or not, but it was too early to call in to find out what the company line was. The door bell rang and somone opened the door with a key from the outside, it was apparently somone fromt he government, who had a key because they were from the government. They handed me a pack of stuff to do with T.E.D. One of which was a pamphlet that told us what to do in the event of T.E.D. another was a card with my name and a barcode that had somethign to do with T.E.D. the reason that I was the only person in the house to get a pack was because I was the only registered voter in the house…
The pamphlet said something about invading France, and blowing up the eifle tower because it ws hiding large fuel reserves under it or some such.
The last think I remember was flicking throught he TV trying to figure out what was happening and not findign any info about T.E.D., looking out the window and seeing TV crews interviewing people about T.E.D. on Byres road and wanting to go down there to be on TV and find out what the hell was going on.
On reflection I think T.E.D. might have been The End of Dreams, as I think I had the last bit of my dream between waking up for one alarm and snoozing my alarm for 20 minutes, I think my subconscious was trying to find some justification for staying in bed and not going to work.
It didn’t work, I’m at work now…