Twister For Adults



You know how after a certain age whenever anyone suggests you play “Twister” somone makes a lewd remark dripping with innuendo?

The Karmasheetra takes all the subtlety out of the situation…

It’s available in bed sheet form on, but there seem to be 2 entries for it, one at £19.45 and one for £29.98…

Via Incredible Things.

NordicTrack x7i Interactive Incline Trainer

This is amazing! The NordicTrack x7i Interactive Incline Trainer, Allows you to run actual marathon routes in the comfort of your own home! It adjusts the incline etc. as if you were running the route and shows you where you are on the map.

All you need is someone with a bucket of water to occasionally douse you to simulate people in cars driving through puddles next to you.