Gangnam Style Acoustic Cover

This is actually a nice cover by Jayesslee.

Hi guys,

Happy New Year 2013! Some say that PSY’s Gangnam Style was sooo 2012, but we couldn’t help but cover this crazy hit song. Let us know what you think of our style of Gangnam Style! ūüôā

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Janice and Sonia

Shot and edited by Panda Films (

DJ Food: Raiding the 20th Century

This is an haunting recording by DJ Food¬†(AKA Strictly Kev) of the history of cutting up, sampling and looping music, it’s pieced together from different recordings from the 20th century.

It’s really interesting to hear, combining music and spoken word. I think this might be the same recording with the musical preamble stripped off, but I’m not entirely sure as I don’t have time to listen to them both at the moment…

I’ve uploaded it for the unlikely event that Soundcloud disapears/deletes it…


DyE – Fantasy Music Video (NSFW)

I found this by clicking on a random link to the side of a YouTube Video, it’s a really haunting song and a really messed up video.

From the video description:

Tigersushi and Excuse My French are pleased to present the new video for DyE’s new single, Fantasy.

Directed by animation wunderkind Jérémie Périn, the video tells the story of a group of highschool kids ready for teenage mischief. They break into the local swimming pool intending a session of innocent nightswimming, in an awkward climate of romance and apprehension.

What happens next is for you to discover here. nsfw.

Directed by Jérémie Périn

Written by Laurent Sarfati & Jérémie PérinArtistic

Direction by Mikael Robert

Produced by Excuse My French / PH & Tigersushi

Executive Producer : Constance Guillou

Production Coordinator : Perrine Schwartz

Commissioner : Jill Caytan

“Fantasy” is taken from the DyE album TAKI 183.



BE A FAN !DyE’s Facebook page¬†



Acid Defender

Acid Defender is a really cool concept game/Audio experiement. Its a synthesizer which a note for each column with the tone depending on where the white box is. Only there are little red “bullets” that fly into the screen and you have to move the notes to dodge them, because if one of the bullets hits a note you lose that beat.

In doing so you change the music, creating a continually changing piece of digital music, and a fun but stressful game.

I’ve only played this on a browser and the site says it only works in Chrome, but I think I game like this would come into it’s own on a tablet PC (iPad,Android whatever).

There is also a “Jam Mode” which allows you to just make music.

Via Prosthetic Knowledge

Free(?) 20’s Jazz Uploaded to

All that Jazz...
A Jazz Cat (Photo credit: kelvin255)

If you like the background music in games like Bioshock and Fallout 3 then you should check out this archive of 123 Jazz songs from the 20’s¬†which was ripped from old 78s and¬†¬†and wax cylinders.

There seems to be some contention¬†as to whether the copyright for these songs has in fact expired, leaving them in the public domain, but I’m sure if you don’t use them for commercial purposes you will be fine.

Check the comments on the post on the Internet Archive for people’s best efforts at associating the various tracks with artists and track names.

Petty 8 Machine: Chiptune Cover of NIN Album

I’ve been listening to a lot of¬†chip-tunes¬†lately mainly¬†because I find that they oddly increase my concentration. Maybe it’s something innate in me that associates the stream of bleeps and bloops with playing really¬†difficult video games?

Anyway the above album by Inverse Phase¬†is a cover of Nine Inch Nails’ Petty hate machine and it’s pretty good.

If you are interested in more chip tunes it’s worth noting that 8 Bit Weapon have recently released a collection of all their music that isn’t¬†licensed¬†to other people for the low price of $20.

Also if you have played the amazing iOS game Super Hexagon, then you can’t have missed the awesome sountrack by Chipzel, which is available to buy for just ¬£2.

Final Fantasy: Random Encounter

Final Fantasy: Random Encounter is a new album by The OC Remix (OC stands for over clocked) featuring metal remixes and compositions based on the music of the first Final Fantasy game. The OC Remix are a collective of artists who specialize in making remixes and covers of video game music.

They have released some really good stuff over the years including a symphonic Cronotrigger album¬†and an album of Final Fantasy VII inspired music. It’s worth checking them out of you like video games and music.

Portal – Credits Song ‘Still Alive’

I’m assuming that most people who are interested in this song have heard it, given that the game was released 4 and a bit years ago… But this song puts a smile on my face whenever I hear it so I’m going to just leave it here so you can listen to it.

The song incidentally is by Jonathan Coulton, it’s worth checking out the rest of his music he’s quite funny for example:

It’s particularly relevant to me considering what I do for a living and given that my boss’ name is Rob…

via Portal – Credits Song ‘Still Alive’ – YouTube.

My Megadrive Music Video

I’ve recently gotten into bit tunes in a big way and this video by 2080 really appeals to me. I’m aware that I just slagged off Ufunk ¬†for lack of attribution but I found this there.

The video features a character playing through levels that are inspired by old Genesis/Megadrive games on a quest to get his Megadrive back. The dance battles at the end of each level are amusing.