Sexual Assault Prevention Tips

I hate the fact that the onus/blame for sexual assault always seems to fall on the victim, surely if some scumbag is going to assault someone then he is to blame, regardless of where it happens or when it happens, or what the person who was assaulted was wearing at the time.

No one is asking for it, if you sexually assault someone you are just a dick/criminal.

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Saudi Arabia Bans Blogging Without a Licence

Words cannot begin to describe my disgust at this, Saudi Arabia has passes new “rules” which prohibit posting content online without a licence. I’ve not read the actual policy document, but my interpretation of the article is that this cover a wide range of sins from blogging to posting to forums and even posting to sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

In order to obtain this licence, which is valid for three years, you must be a Saudi who is at least 20 years old and be a high school graduate. You also need to provide documents that “Testify to your good behaviour”. What a crock of shite! No one under 20 can have a Facebook profile? That defeats the purpose of Facebook…

I need to get a hold of the actual document because I might be breaking Saudi law right now, I am an unlicensed Saudi blogger and I am writing a blog post about how I dislike this law, heavens! Although I doubt they can enforce it outside the kingdom… ( I hope…)

There are apparently people speaking both for these new regulations and against them:

From Arabic Network For Human Rights Information:

“It is not a regulation to regulate the activities of electronic publishing as they claim, but rather a set of measures to seize freedom of publication on the Internet,”

“Authorities will not be able to stop expression, the snowball has started to roll and no one can stop it. The siege imposed by the Saudi government on citizens will not succeed in killing ideas, opinions or stopping information and news from flowing.”

From Asharq Alawsat (Tariq Alhomayed, editor in chief):

“What the Minister did was right, for who said that freedom comes without responsibility? Don’t they say that the field of publishing is a door wide open?”

“Whoever wants to write, be published, and criticize others, must do so with credibility, and a firm stance, rather than hiding behind a computer screen in order to defame someone, spread ugly rumors, or promote social division under a false name and then they have the audacity to say: let me exercise my freedom!”

Saudi Arabia apparently has one of the highest number of bloggers in the  Arabic world, Facebook use is rife across all ages and Twitter usage in Saudi has apparently sky-rocketed in 2010, so this is the perfect time to instate these new laws just as the country is starting to see reform they try an knock out the instrument of that reform.

I’m not a political blogger, I never thought I would be but this is almost enough to make me one… This just makes me angry and you wouldn’t like me when I’m angry. Not that I am threatening to do anything aside from continue blogging.

The question is when I next go home to visit my family, do I maintain radio silence? Do I bite the bullet and get myself licensed? Or do I become an outlaw and become a rogue unlicensed blogger? I might get a mask… And a cape…

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International Freedom of Expression Exchange

Land Of The Free

You would have to be living in a cave to miss the outrage that has been surrounding the American TSA’s adoption of “Backscatter” nude scanners, which may or may not pose a higher risk of cancer than just flying. Refuse a scan you get subjected to an “Enhanced Patdown” which by some accounts amounts to being groped and fondled by a TSA Agent.

People are protesting it be saying that they are going to refuse to fly. I wonder how long that will last…

There is the story of the Bladder cancer survivor who was subjected to an enhanced pat down which caused him to soil himself. The man with a prosthetic leg who was forced to remove his leg exposing his residual limb while his 4 year old son was made to sit across the room crying.

There have been some amusing stories like the professional sex worker who decided to strip down to her underpants and film it. On the basis that she would not be humiliated by the TSA but would turn the tabled on them. (Video below mostly SFW, also mostly just a film of the ceiling…) you can read about it on her blog though I’ve never managed to get it to load it’s supposedly NSFW, there is also an article about it on Boing boing.

My TSA Stripdown: Nov 21 at Seatac from Furry Girl's on Vimeo.

There is also the ridiculous story of the TSA confiscating nail clippers from a group of soldiers who were armed to the teeth with machine guns and worse.

I thought the 100ml of liquid rules were crazy, but the reaction to the backscatter, and the alternative extreme pat down are taking the piss.

This is bat shit crazy, do we actually benefit from this, to be honest I think we we are sacrificing freedom for the illusion of security. There are hundreds of other stories… Post your most amusing ones in the comments.

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