The Official “Fun vs. Effort” Graph of Pets

As someone who has had a number of the animals on this chart I can confirm that Dragons are very high effort but also have a very high fun value.

I can also confirm that tropical fish are a heck of a lot more hassle than you think they are going to be especially if you have discus…

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Science Fiction Movie Flow Charts (May Contain Spoilers)

Simulated Reality in Movies

I love seeing random* information displayed in new ways, which is why I love these two graphs by Mr. Dalliard on Simulated Realities and Time Travel in movies. Although I think the simulated realities one suffers from him trying to cram in too much information. The idea of placing the movies on a scatter chart with escape from reality Vs. escape from illusion and how old the films are as the axis is in it’s self interesting, but it makes the links in the chart really hard to follow.

The time travel one below doesn’t suffer from this as it’s just thematic yes no questions which is coloured by the type of time travel.

Time Travel in Movies

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* Please excuse my deviation from the dictionary definition of random to one that has passed into common parlance. I’m am aware that randomness in a data set implies the lack of information.

The Venn Diagram of Irrational Nonsense

This ontology of irrational nonsense was created by Crispin Jago of The Reason Stick where you can also find a Spanish and Italian version of the diagram.

It’s been reworked by someone to add a conspiracy theory dimension, but it just doesn’t look as nice. And lets be honest half the fun of infographics is how pretty they look.

How To Walk On Ice



This small info-graphic explains how to walk on ice without slipping, or at least minimising the risk of slipping. I’ve long used the penguin shuffle to walk on ice, which I hate doing. I grew up in a desert sand is much more forgiving to walk on…

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How To Choose The Perfect Board Game

This flow chart reads like a wishlist for me… Although I disagree with BSG taking less than two hours to play.

Some of my all time favourites are in there like the afore mention BSG, Game of Thrones, and Risk. As well as some I’ve had a chance to play but don’t own yet like Dominion, and Pandemic and Carcassonne (I still can’t pronounce that).

I’m going to have to go over this and pick out some to buy, also this has reminded me that I need to write a review of Small World.

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Transformers (Autobot) Infographic


Nice little infographic that tells you what the real world inspiration for the design of most of the generation 1 Autobots was.

Now all we need is a Decepticon version although I suspect that most of them would just be F15 Eagles.

F 15 eagle 4