Teaching With Pop Culture

I saw the above image on Reddit some time ago it’s part of a statistics exam. I stuffed it in my blog later pile and forgot about it until I saw this image posted by I am nerdtastic while skimming Tumblr :

Biology study guide.  <br /><br />
This is win

I love the concept behind these two questions, teach stuff that people might not be interested using pop culture references so that they can relate to it a little better.

Have you seen any other examples of this? Post a link in the comments.

Sexual Assault Prevention Tips

I hate the fact that the onus/blame for sexual assault always seems to fall on the victim, surely if some scumbag is going to assault someone then he is to blame, regardless of where it happens or when it happens, or what the person who was assaulted was wearing at the time.

No one is asking for it, if you sexually assault someone you are just a dick/criminal.

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