The Rise of Web Comics

This is a cool video about the Rise of Web Comics. You want to watch it now.

Seriously why are you reading this and not watching the video, unless you have watched the video and you want to know more about it. Well in that case from the YouTube video description:


Other Comics Featured:

Music (In Order of Appearance):

It’ll Never Catch On…

It’s May 1991, Tim Berners-Lee (Now Sir Tim Berners-Lee as seen at the Olympic opening ceremony) has just invented the internet and the sun bless em don’t think it’ll ever catch on… At least the author had the presence of mind to not use their real name…

5 Ways to Break Up with Your Girlfriend Without Hurting Her Feelings

Breaking up is never easy, it’s rife with emotional baggage, there’s guilt tripping, anger, sadness frustration, stalking whatever… You don’t need that kind of hassle do you? These graphics show 5 simple (Okay not so simple) ways you can break up with someone without having to go through that.

If any of these work for you please leave a comment and tell us your story…

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Microsoft Buys Skype For 8.5 Bn Hmmm…

I can see where this is going… Or at least I hope so.

I very much doubt that this is why MS bought Skype they are probably looking for a way to combat Apple’s FaceTime by getting a service that has a huge installed user base. But still given the direction that MS seems to be taking the X-Box it’s a logical move. Rather than taking Sony’s strategy of making it a media centre from the get go, they have slowly added media features like Twitter, Facebook, Last FM, Sky Player etc. Skype is the next logical step.

Arguably they didn’t need to buy Skype to do so, I just hope that Skype doesn’t cease to be a multi-platform  tool as I use it quite a lot on my phone to call my parents because the Skype integration for Android is pretty good.

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The Mind Boggles… Cloud Girlfriend

It seems like only yesterday I was reading a story exposed about a guy who made up a Japanese girlfriend for himself on Twitter now I head about Cloud Girlfriend a site that will create a perfect girlfriend for you to interact with on your social media websites… The idea is one part genius two parts insane.

The sad thing is no doubt hundreds of people will sign up for this, and use it to fool people or themselves into thinking they have a girlfriend…

Katamari Hack

Some people have way too much time on their hands… This is pretty neat however, a bookmarklet that turns any webpage into a “Game” of Katamari Damacy allowing you to roll a ball round and collect all the elements of the page. Just copy and pate the following javascript into your url bar:

javascript:var i,s,ss=[‘’,’’];for(i=0;i!=ss.length;i++){s=document.createElement(‘script’);s.src=ss[i];document.body.appendChild(s);}void(0);

Or drag this link Katamari! into your bookmarks bar, click on it while on any website and let it roll…

I love these little javascript hacks, much like the asteroids one I posted some time ago.
Katamari Hack.

We need somewhere to name and shame websites that do this…

This isn’t so much a blog post as a call to arms… Mobile browsers of the world unite!

There should be a list somewhere that names and shames people who do this, maybe pressure them into not doing it. Some fairly high profile sites do it, I noticed life hacker doing it this morning for example.

It’s about time people browsing the internet on mobile phones stopped being treated like second class citizens, we are the future etcetera…

Mumble mumble [Insert irate and thought provoking rant here].

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