Akiakane Attack on Titan Drawings – Also Envy Catwalk Is An Amazing Cover…

You know when you find an artist through a really odd chain of events? That’s how I found these awesome Attack on Titan drawings by Akiakane (Twitter/Deviant Art). I was listening to random Japanese music on YouTube and building up a playlist of stuff I liked so I could listen to later, and one song stuck with me so I looked into it.

The song is Envy Catwalk which is apparently from one of the Hatsune Miku vocaloid games:

I’ve since listened to the original and I still don’t get the hype behind Vocaloids but I do like Akiakane’s version. Apparently she is an “Utaite” which is a name for people who post cover’s of songs on a particular Japanese music website, she’s apparently dubbed “The Screaming Cinderella”. I’ve since listened to a few of her songs and some are really good, some aren’t – but you win some you lose some…

Any way, if you watch the videos of her songs, you’ll notice the graphic design is stunning this is the image for the above song, it reminds me of the artwork in Persona 4:

Turns out she’s an artist and she’s done a bunch of drawings of some of the characters from Attack on Titan, I thought you might like to see them:

Update: Well this is embarrassing, the video I posted above is A: Not by Akiakane and B: A 1 hour compilation of songs…

The song above is Reol’s verson:

Akiakane’s version is this one:

If I’m being honest, I prefer the Reol version…

Update 2: Evidently I hotlinked the images rather than uploading them. I’ve now uploaded them.


Japanese SDF Recruitment Posters

Apparently in Japan they advertise for recruits to the Special Defense Force (Japan aren’t allowed to have a military due to a clause that was added to their constitution after WWII) using manga. Look at how cute that girl is, she is missing her boyfriend who is away helping people for his country. The above image is from the 2012 campaign below are the 2011 and 2010 posters.

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Adorable Toddler in Totoro Costume

It’s almost as if the expression AWWWWWWW was created just for this set of pictures…

From You and Mie:

This year, I really wanted to make Yuki’s costume, but we could not decide for a long time what she should be.  We threw around some ideas, but none of them really excited me.  I’ve had this idea of dressing Yuki up as Totoro for a long time (since she was born?), but was worried that no one would know what she was.  But since I couldn’t think of anything better, I decided to go for it.  So what if I would have to explain a hundred times who she was supposed to be!  At least she would be adorable and original . . . right?

There are more pictures on that blog as well as a tutorial on how to make the leaf and whiskers.

Via The Uni Blog

Traditional Japanese Pokemon


 I’ll admit that I’ve never really gotten Pokemon, I played Pokemon Pearl or Diamond for a while on my DS and it was just tedious. I do like the mythology behind it though, I like the concept of Pokemon and I’m impressed with the creativity that goes into creating how ever many  Pokemon there are (646 apparently).

I also like traditional Japanese art and am fascinated by the mythology that goes behind them. That is probably why I like these two images by Japanese artist “Nojo”  (Page in Japanese). It reminds me of the Kakidan Ekotoba monster scrolls I’ve seen linked to before. I actually think I prefer these Pokemon designs to the original Manga/Anime versions… 



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Japanese After School Activities (NSFW?)

I found this video via the Daily What and did some investigating, apparently it’s from a movie called Funky Forrest. Whatever it is it’s a little disturbing, I’d maybe not watch while other people can see your screen…

Via The Daily What.

Hell Driver: The Next Crazy Japanese Movie I Want to Watch

I’m not going to lie to you, I like bat shit crazy Japanese films. From the creators of Tokyo Gore Police, Machine Girl and Robo-Geisha comes the next epic gore fest, Hell Driver A zombie filled gore fuelled Japanese crazy movie thing.

To tell you the truth you probably don’t need to know much about this film apart from the fact this it will be insane, disgusting and that one of the characters has a CHAIN SWORD! That is enough to make me want to watch it, and judging from the comments on the Topless Robot post that I found this on that is all anyone else cares about.

Trailer below.

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Mandagrams – helping to understand written Chinese

Johnson Banks has come up with a novel way of learning Chinese characters which he calls Mandigrams

The Basic Idea is to draw the Character within what it is morphing it slightly like so.

He has a whole bunch of examples in the post see if you can guess what these mean?

I love the drawing style and I think these could be used as a learning tool for Chinese characters and Japanese Kanji, except I think it might be quite difficult to do for some of the more abstract characters.

One of my favourite things he’s done is the clock face below with all the numbers in both Chinese and Arabic numerals. I’d considder paying money for a clock that had this face, it’s just looks really cool.

Via the johnson banks thought for the week.

Live Action Super Mario | Just Whatever

Mario Bros chez Kinchan and Katori
Uploaded by Sorukia. – See more comedy videos.

This is a really well implemented sketch from Kasou Taishou (Kinchan and Katori Shingo’s All Japan Costume Gran) the same show that featured the infamous Matrix ping pong.

The video features a Live action re-enactment of Super Mario brothers. It’s really well done although I don’t get the cityscape midway through…

Just Whatever.