Ancient Apple Video Blue-Busters

This cheesetastic video was apparently played during an Apple sales meeting back in 1984. According to YouTube Commenter majorkahuna:

I was there in Oct. 1984. This was not an internal ad. I was a 1984 state of the art multimedia slide show with audio by Ray Parker Jr. who sang the original. There were also live dancers on the stage.

This was the opening presentation of the International Sales Meeting that introduced the Lightwriter later renamed Laserwriter.

Apple always used a current movie as a them for the sales meetings. in 1985 it was Back to the Future.

For the record I had a quick look and can’t find the 1985 Back to the Future video on YouTube… This makes me sad.


Brazilian Clothing Retailer Displays Facebook Likes on Coat Hangers

Brazil retailer using Facebook likes… on its clothing hangers

In the cool but pointless category, Brazilian retailer C&A (Is that the same C&A that used to exist in the UK?) has started displaying the number of likes items of clothing have received on their Facebook page. I was lead to believe that Facebook wasn’t very big in Brazil and they all use Orkut but that’s besides the point.

As the venture beat article points out online shopping is usually based on the images, and pictures don’t tell you how well made an item is or how the fabric feels. Something that looks really nice can feel like it’s made from camel testicles.

Via Venture Beat

QR Code Marketing Done Wrong

QR code

A friend on Facebook posted this and mentioned that they couldn’t get it to scan. So I ever curious took the image and messed about with it till it did scan:

I’ll save you the trouble it points to a page on Cargo Collective which is an error page.

Lets look at this… It’s blatantly some kind of guerilla marketing thing, it invoked both the interest of my friend on face book and me enough that he posted it to Facebook to say WTF? and I cleaned it up to get it to scan. The fail here is two fold though.

A: It doesn’t scan, they tried to be clever with the QR code and it didn’t work.

B: When you do clean it up to scan you are taken to an error page that makes no sense.

Oh well that’s 5 minutes of my life wasted…


Edit: The Error message directs you to Stour Space which is where I assume this project is hosted…