Magic: The Gathering: The Movie

According to the Hollywood Reporter Fox have just signed up for the rights to make not only a Magic the Gathering Movie but to turn Magic the Gathering into a Hollywood franchise “on the scale of Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings”.

Colour me sceptical, I have no doubt that the Magic the Gathering universe has enough lore in it to provide the backdrop but it’s going to take some masterful writing to translate all that to screen. To make it a huge franchise they’d have to introduce people who’ve never played the games or read the books to the setting gently enough to hook them, but not bore the core audience at the same time.

There are MtG books that could act as a starting point and although I’m told they are quite good I’ve never read any of them.

I would like to see this go well but I reckon it will go the way of the D&D movie…

On a side note if we were still living in 80’s I reckon they could pull off a decent “Kid who Plays Magic discovers that the magic universe is real and he’s a planeswalker” movie ala “Captain N the Games Master”, but I don’t think modern audiences would fall for that though.

Everything Wrong With ‘Paranormal Activity’ In 7 Minutes Or Less

I’m not going to lie I thought Paranormal Activity was a terrible film when I initially saw it, and this has been the source of countless arguments, but this video by CinemaSins helps summarize what I hated about the movie.

From completely unlikeable characters, to the complete lack of any rationality in anyone’s actions it’s just a rubbish movie.

The Bunyip

I just got reminded of this song from Dot and the Kangaroo a film made in the late seventies in Australia, it had animated characters overlaid over actual video of the Australian outback and was really cool. The song is about the Bunyip and used to scare me shitless as a child.

The Mary Sue’s Blade Runner Fan Work Contest!

The Mary Sue are running a Bladerunner fan art contest, It’s worth going over there to look at the submissions, most of which are mostly photography based and quite cool. I really like the above submission by diablo2003 partly because it’s awesome but also because it makes me want a Bladerunner Anime… I might have to watch AD Police tonight…

In case you were wondering AD Police is an Anime that was a spin off of Bubblegum Crisis, Bubblegum Crisis is Awesome and heavily inspired by Bladerunner, but AD Police is a more nitty gritty police drama.

Graphic Spoiler Alert Does TDKR

Do not read this if you have not seen the Dark Knight Rises.

It’s really funny, but it is essentially the whole plot of the film, it also has a minor spoiler for The Avengers, but nothing major.

Images after break, you have been warned… Continue reading “Graphic Spoiler Alert Does TDKR”

Fucking Prawns!

I was in TSUTAYA in Shibuya last week, and while browsing the Blue Ray/DVD section I saw this little sticker and thought: No it can’t be!

Surely enough there is a little cartoon prawn, presumably by the staff, to draw your attention  to the film. I enjoyed District 9 but for weeks after I kept on saying “I hate those Fucking Prawns” in a really bad South African accent.

This amused me no end and will hopefully amuse you. If it doesn’t amuse you then you are probably a fucking prawn!

They Are Remaking Carrie Again

It almost seems like the dust hasn’t settled on the last Carrie remake (The Rage). Now I learn that they are making another one. I didn’t think much of this until I found out that Chloe Grace Moretz is the actress who played Hit-Girl in Kick Ass. I’m terrible at remembering the names of actors and hardly ever pay attention to them, but she did a fairly good job in Kick Ass and she’ll have 3 years of maturity to add to the part.

It could be good. To be honest so long as it has the phrase “They’re all going to laugh at you” in the script I’ll be happy…


Star Trek Command Insignia Panties

Star Trek command insignia panties - UK size 10

Really… I know a lot of girls like Star Trek but seriously… The pants available on Etsy (From a UK based retailer in case you are interested) are um… interesting.

I’m really trying to stop myself from cracking jokes about getting into Picard’s pants…

The same shop sells a variety of geeky pants, including a pair of Periodic Table pants:

Periodic table panties - Made to order