DIY Pantone Easter eggs

Is it too late to post Easter Eggs? Jessica from How About Orange created these lovely DIY Pantone Easter Eggs and tells you how she did it, it’s quite simple really, but they are lovely. In her own words:

The graphic designer in me couldn’t resist attempting faux Pantone Easter eggs. I dyed these boiled eggs, then typed up the labels and printed them on ink jet temporary tattoo paper. Remember to print the words backwards! (I used Silhouette brand tattoo paper I bought at my local PaperSource, but you can also get similar stuff And yes, I’m such a nerd that I had to match the color numbers properly using my chip book.

Via Miss America’s Tumblr

Pantone Tarts!

If there is one thing I like to blog about it’s creative design ideas, if there are two things I like to blog about it’s desserts, so imagine my joy when @Wantonitalics pointed me to these Pantone tarts on twitter!

They are made by Emille Griottes and I don’t know very much else about them because I don’t speak French and Google translate isn’t doing a good job of translating the page…

Via Griottes

Pantone Fan(tone)

Unfortunately I can’t find a link to just this fan created by designer/design firm Johnson Banks (I can’t even find an about page…) It’s still pretty cool and I like Pantone related things…

After an exhibition of our work was held in Tokyo in 2004, we received an annual request to take part in a product design/decoration project for the Creation Gallery in Ginza. Here we were given a blank ‘fan’ and asked to make it appeal to a younger audience, so our design takes all the ‘cool’ blues and greens out of the colour palette and shows them as swatches.