Trip To Edinburgh Zoo


MeercatsJaguarMeercatsOtter Nomming

Myself, Jen, Aimee, Chris and David



Annabel In Front of the Monkey EnclosureCousinA Bug in The HandAimee Holding a Stick InsectJen Holding a Hissing Cockroach





Edinburgh Zoo, a set on Flickr.

I’ve trimmed down the hundreds of photos I took to just these 10. Most were variations on a theme anyway.

I want to crop the chimpanzee picture a little.

I decided to shoot in full manual this time round, I don’t normally do this so I ended up with a lot of under exposed or blurry photos.

I might add some pictures of the Jaguar to this set later, I have some nice ones I’ve not added yet.

For No Particular Reason Here Is a Llama

Llama (Photo credit: Ohmzar)

Here is a picture of a Llama that I took last year while at Blair Drummond Safari park, it came up as a recommended image by Zemanta for another post I was writing. Here also is a picture of a Tiger I took during the same trip. See I do photography as well as random nerdery!

Tiger (Photo credit: Ohmzar)

Lastly here is another Llama, because… Llama!

Lllama Face
Lllama Face (Photo credit: Ohmzar)

Concept Camera Rubber-Stamp Counterfeiters Wet Dream?

This concept digital camera that turns any picture you take into a rubber stamp is indeed a “Nifty” idea. How you’d go about making one is anyone’s guess maybe it could work with millions of tiny pins like those executive pin toy things. If they can get the resolution good enough this thing would be a counterfeiters wet dream though. need to forge a stamp? Just take a picture of it and hey presto instant duplicate.

More pictures on Petapixel and Yanko Designs respective posts about this.

Via PetaPixel via Yanko Design

That’s one hell of a discount…

I was looking at a Wide angle Lens on after reading this article at digital photography school. At first I thought the price was a bit high given that DPS listed the Lens at just $400, then I noticed the RRP of this lens… 6 AND A QUARTER MILLION POUNDS!

With that kind of discount this lens is a total steal! Although I’m a bit sceptical about the %100 saving, thats not how maths works, we have this invention called fractions.

Organized 365…

I’ve just picked out the photos for my 365 on flickr. I’m missing a few days… Which is bad I know that 4 days of pics are on my Canon Compact. But the battery on that has died.

The clock on my Sony Digicam was set wrong. So I may have got some on the wrong date… I seem to be missing a photo for February 22nd… 🙁 I know I took one.

Tookmy photo for today will upload and update my whole 365 later this evening…

Okay so Maybe I’ve been a little Lazy…

I started the year planning on posting all my 365 Images as I took them to my blog. I got lazy in posting them to flickr and now look at me… Apparently I’m 34 images behind… I think some of the images are on flickr but I didn’t post them because I had been hunting down on image that had gone walkies.

I’m going to start a fresh and hunt down the rest of the images as I can, because there is no point in taking all these photos unless I post them so people can critique them.

Photo Blog: 365: 69. The busker out my window.


365: 69. The busker out my window., originally uploaded by Ohmzar.

t’s been a while since I posted a 365 I have been taking them. I just haven’t had a chance to post hem to Flickr. This is a guy who is apparently called Elavi(Yes I did some research and got a link to his website, the address is on his bag), he is rapping and playing the bass outside of my window.

Oh 365 Where art thou?

Just thought I’d posta quick blog about my 365. I so far managed to take at least one picture a day for the past 41 days, not counting today (Technically I have taken a photo today but it was with my phone). I’m enjoying the experience but it is stressfull having to make sure I always have my camera on me, and there have been a couple of days where I’ve taken a photo at 11pm just so I have a photo for that day.

I’ve had a timestamp issue on some of my photo’s because my camera was still set to Saudi time so some of my 365 pictures look like they were taken the day after they were taken. I think i deleted the photo from this Monday which is a bit rubbish… I may have copied it to a hard drive, but I’m not sure.

Inspiration seems to come in bursts, some days I’ll have 20 images that I want to use for my 365 others I’ll struggle to get one that I like, or even to take one photo. On the whole I am learning though which is what is important. Tuesdays in particular are a difficult day because I follow the same routine every tuesday and I’m finding it difficult to be inspired. It’s also a bit rubbish that it’s dark when I leave the office, but cest la vie.

I think I need to get a better bag for lugging my camera about, I’m finding that having the camera in my backpack is frustrating as I have to take the bag off and pull out the camera whenever I want to take a photo, by which point the moment is lost or the subject has moved.

Next week is going to be interesting as I’m lending my DSLR to a friend. I’ll have to use a point and shoot camera again. I’m taking this as a reason to focus on composition rather than funky aperture/depth of field/ exposure stuff, who knows.

I’ve got 7 images that need to be posted to my 365 set/blog. I think some of them are already on flickr I’ve just not added them to the set.

That is all…

Photo Blog: 365: 35. Lantern


I took this photo of one of the lanterns we have on the wall. Close up using a nifty fifty lens and at full aperture (1.8). I like it I tried as hard as I could to blur out the wire that was powering the lantern, mostly succeeded.