Neon Genesis Evangelion Themed DSLR

Pentax parades Evangelionflavored Q10s
EVA-1 Shinji Ikari


It’s not often I get talk about both anime and photography, Pentax are releasing an Evangelion themed Q10 DSLR in April, sadly it’s Japan only and they are only making 1,500 of each model so the chances of getting your grubby mitts on one is fairly low. But you can dream.

It’s going to clock in at 59,800 Yen ($660 or a little over £400)  for that that you get a 12.4 megapixel, mirrorless interchangable lens camera which can also shoot video in fill HD.

It’s apparently not just going to come in the above EVA-1 colour palette but will be available in the other EVA models as well.

TYPE00: Ray
EVA-00 Rei Ayanami
TYPE02: Asuka
EVA-02 Asuka Langley

It’s a Camera Without a Camera

In a fit of minimalism designer Yeon Su Kim has taken the camera out of the equation. A bluetooth connection links a small camera on your thumb to your smartphone and uses the smartphone for storage, a ring on your index finger senses the click motion of your finger and takes the picture. I’m not sure how well it would work in practice but the concept it pretty cool.


Via Yanko Design

Mini 5MP Camera

I’ve been looking for something like this but I’ve not found anywhere in the UK that sells them… It’s a 5 Mega Pixel Camera that will fit on your key chain. It takes micro SD cards and only costs $50 (£30?). It also records avi video at 1280×960 29fps… Which is pretty nifty.

Brando says they do world wide shipping for only $3 I’m sorely tempted, that would allow me to have a camera on me all the time and make my 365 slightly easier.