Photo Blog: 365: 5. Snow by the Clyde

362: 5. Snow by the Clyde, originally uploaded by Ohmzar.

Taken from the window of our spare room this afternoon. I took 3 of these and have only just noticed that one has a building on the left, one have a lamp post on the right and one has both…

I later tried to do some exposure bracketing to make an HDR image but I think the lighting was a bit off and they all seem to be coming out blue.

I’ll try and read a tutorial on HDR to see if I did any think wrong.

Photo Blog: 365: 2. Depth of Field

365: 2. Depth of Field, originally uploaded by Ohmzar.

It took me ages to get this as right as it is and I’m still not convinced. It’s a photo of a Canon 50mm f1.8 Focusing on a page of the 1980 edition of “How it Works 1” covering depth of field.

I took it using a 75mm-300mm Zoom lens at about a meters distance, loads of my attempts turned out really shaky… I’m so glad I don’t shoot using film.

In order to get the photo any better I think I’d have to use a tripod with a spirit level, which I don’t own.

Photo Blog: 365: 1. New years word game

365: 1. New years word game, originally uploaded by Ohmzar.

My first 535 image is of a word game thingie by MB games (I actually can’t remember what the game is called).

The visible letters allow you to spell New Year and I’ve use an I and an O to represent 10, because I had two letters left over.

I took this using my Canon EF 75-300mm Zoom lens under the macro mode (I think If I’m wrong the EXIF Data will tell you what I did use)

I’m a little annoyed I couldn’t focus on it any closer up but that’s life. Also there is a scratch on the otherwise black table I used to take the photo…

I’m a Winner! PhotoQnA

I figured I might as well use what little influence I have to drive traffic to PhotoQnA given that I won a competition there without even knowing I was participating.

I wom a $50 gift certificate for B&H which I assume is a US based photography store. When I got an email from Tyler who runs PhotoQnA to ask where to send it I told him he’d be better off sending it to somone else as I’d looked at B&H’s delivery costs outside the US and it would have cost $50 to send me something…

Tyler instead suggested that he get me a voucher for a retailer outside the US and off the top of my head I said Amazon.

So now I’ve got £30 to spend on photography equipment on Amazon.

Thanks to Tyler at PhotoQnA.

PhotoQnA is a Photography Questions and Answers site which runs the The Stack Overflow Knowledge Exchange Platform which is the same software that Stackoverflow uses.

Stackoverflow has saved my ass many times by answering very obscure programming questions for me, thus saving me a ton of time scratching my head.

DSLR Madness…

Canon EOS 500D

I’m getting a DSLR for my birthday, so I’ve been spending my free time researching photography. I’ve never had a proper camera before so it’s a bit intimidating.
I’ve found some very good tutorials on the DigitialPhotography School though.

I’m going to have to re-upgrade my flicker account to Pro, and start uploading photo’s, I have some time though as despite it being my birthday today I wont be getting the camera till my parents arrive in early August.

I’ve always wanted to take up photography as a hobby but I’ve never had a good enough camera, so I asked my parents for some money towards a 2nd hand camera for my birthday this year.

Next thing I knew they phoned me up to ask me if I’d heard of the EOS 500D but got my answering machine, by the time I called them back they told me they’d already bought it… I told them it was crazy and that they’d spent too much money, but apparently they got a good price. I’m not complaining, it’s an amazing camera I’m in fact flabberghated as I’d been expecting to have a 350D or at best a 400D, the 500D is the highest end entry level camera Canon do, and it’s almost got all the features of the 5D which is thier first semi-pro camera…

Anyway the upshot of this is that when I get my camera I’ll be posting the odd photo here, mainly ones that I am especially proud of, but I’ll also probably be doing some photo projects to get my skills up to scratch.