Life Imitates Satire In US Elections

I was moaning about US politics and how rubbish their election system seems from the outside with people queuing for hours on in just to exercise their right to democracy that they are so proud of, and the breaking up of areas so that it’s actually difficult for certain minorities to vote (This is apparently called Gerrymandering), when @GladleyNet pointed out to me that Arizona had printed election material with the wrong date on it.

I thought she had the story wrong, as I remembered 8 years ago the outrage people exhibited when they had misinterpreted an article in the Onion about republicans urging minorities to vote on the wrong date, I even remember sharing the article with an American friend on Yahoo! Chat! (Wow that brings back memories) with the intention of getting a laugh out of it, she thought it was a serious article.

This time it seems that life is imitating art, there are actually election leaflets out there urging minorities to vote on the wrong day, whether this is intentional or not it unclear, it’s certainly a horrible thing to happen, it is only 50 cards of however many were handed out so it’s not likely to have much effect and the outrage at this story surfacing will probably make even more people vote.


How I’m going to choose who I vote for…

More and more the way we find out information about things is moving online, so you’d think that the various British political parties would make use of this medium to spread the word.

I doubt that this will influence my voting, but it’s interesting to see this analysis of the websites of various British political parties websites.

Anna looks at the design coding and accessibility of the Labour Party, The Conservatives, Lib Dems, Greens and BNP. The long and short of it is that they are all rubbish. Even the ones that are well laid out are lacking in solid information, and scale badly, and the code is horrible.

Why is is that parties think they can get away with pledging stuff that everyone else is pledging but not covering any issues that people actually care about?

The BNP notably stole it’s design from Obama’s campaign… I’m saying nothing.

Via Anna Debenham