The Venn Diagram of Irrational Nonsense

This ontology of irrational nonsense was created by Crispin Jago of The Reason Stick where you can also find a Spanish and Italian version of the diagram.

It’s been reworked by someone to add a conspiracy theory dimension, but it just doesn’t look as nice. And lets be honest half the fun of infographics is how pretty they look.

Mini TestTube Blood Sample Necklace

Mini TestTube Blood Sample Necklace

This necklace charm by SelfRescuingPrincess looks like it used the same necklace base as the ones that you get from street vendors who will write your name on a piece of rice. It’s pretty cool and it’s not exactly expensive. Perfect for the haematologist in your life.

DC Comic/Neil Degrasse Tyson Pin the Location of Krypton

If you want full details head over to Bad Astronomy but apparently this weeks issue of Action Comics Superman #14 pins Krypton as Orbiting LHS 2520 a Red Dwarf star that is 27 light years away from us.

They apparently asked Neil Degrasse Tyson to suggest a star that would fit the location of Krypton and he chose that one.

Also I’ve not read Superman in quite some time but what the hell is going on with his costume in that image?

Here is an image of the star that Krypton orbits:

Appreciating Science

Science is Fascinating

This tickled my fancy, I saw a rant the other day about the number of people proclaiming they “Fucking Love Science” when what they really like is catchy quoted by Neil Degrasse Tyson, and atheist views. That isn’t science, science is working hard to gather data to prove something.

Via VectorBelly

I’m Doing This The Next Time I Have To Sign An Official Document…

In fact I might change my official signature to be a sine wave. The really funny thing is that they are signing the using a “wave form” get it “wave” “form”! No? not actually funny I guess not.

You probably also don’t find it funny that they are signing up to play Laser Tag and lasers being light are constituted of a wave form. Still not funny? I guess I’ll show myself out…

Via Folly and Innovation

Geology Cake

"Geology" Cake

This cake by Kholla showing the different geological layers was based on a Threadless T-Shirt. I like it I’d eat it…

The same person also made this lovely steak cake also based on a Threadless T-Shirt, my two favourite things, meat and cake wrapped into one!
"Piece of Meat" Cake 2