I Couldn’t agree with this more

I found this while randomly browsing a friends Tumlr blog, it’s so true though, sure you can update your Facebook status to raise awareness of breast cancer, and make people go and have regular check ups to ensure that they don’t have it. But cryptically posting the colour of your pants, or where like to leave your purse it going to do diddly squaut for the effort to finding a cure.

Donating money to cancer research however, or actually going down the path of being a researcher and working on cancer research will make a difference. I’d like you to think on that.

If you want some inspiration have a look at Mairead‘s story, she was diagnosed with a rare bowel cancer and her friends set themselves a goal of raising £500 for cancer research, so far they have raised almost £9,000. You can go to their just giving site and donate some yourself, but that money goes towards finding a cure. £10 donated to Cancer Research is better than a million Facebook updates.


Image via BobCesca Posts Stuff

Researchers find a ‘liberal gene’

Apparently researchers at the University of California, Sandiego, and Harvard,  have identified a Gene which predisposes you to having Liberal Views.

Their paper doesn’t appear in a life sciences journal but in the Journal of Politics which makes me slightly sceptical of it’s validity though.

Is it wrong that the first thing I thought of was that some crazy conservatives would use this to create a virus that targeted people with this gene and rendered it inactive or made people with it sterile so as not to allow the spread of liberalism to spread…

Science Daily

Pacman is hiding in Saturn’s moon, Science says so!

I’m so going to start a Pacman appreciation Blog… This image was taken by Cassini and shows a heat map of Mimas one of Saturn’s moons.

Mimas also looks like the deathstar with that huge crater in the side of it.

Boing Boing via Daily Camera

I for one welcome our genetically modified super trout overlords

Researchers at the university of Rhode Island have created transgenic super trout. They by inhibiting Myostatin they have increased the amount of muscle the trout form. Muscle is meat, so this means that there is more eatin’ on the trout, assuming that they can get regulatory approval this would mean that there would be more fish to go around.

This is similar to the mutation in Belgian Blue Cattle which leads to double muscling.