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Dream Journal: The Inmates Are Running the Asylum But They Don’t Know It

Quick note about a dream I had last night, the dream was set in military hospital which was run by John Cleese. The hospital had a full compliment of staff who were all military personnel who had been sent home from “The War” for some reason or other.

The thing is it became apparent towards the end of the dream that the staff at the hospital were all actually patients being treated in a mental asylum, but they didn't know it.

Which Poem Should You Read?


Want to read a poem but don’t know where to start? Book Riot have you covered. This flow chart will help you pick a poem to read to suit your mood.

ZOMG They Are Remaking the Duck Tails Game!

This might not be significant to anyone who doesn’t remember the original NES or Gameboy game but in a time when every cartoon franchise had to have it’s own shovelware game, Ducktales rose above the piles of accumulating gaming manure as a truly excellent platform game.

It’s been a very long time since I played it, and I can’t be bothered doing any research at the moment, but if I recall the game followed Scrooge McDuck on a round the world quest to save his three kidnapped nephews. And it was awesome!

For the uninitiated here is a sample of the original NES gameplay:

Chocolate Fondue Lamp Shade

This tasty lamp shade was created by designer Alexander Lervik, it’s a chocolate pyramid over an incandescent light bulb. When you turn on the light he chocolate slowly melts and eventually you are left with a puddle of tasty chocolate goo to dip fruit, marshmallows, fingers or other body parts in.

I’m not entirely sure how it keeps the chocolate warm and melted once its in. The bowl, but I’m sure it has a way of doing that.

The Poetry of Light chocolate lamp, unlike other lamps, is completely dark when you first turn it on, mimicking light spreading along the horizon at sunrise. The heat from the lamp causes the chocolate to begin melting, and it takes several minutes for the first rays of light to penetrate. Holes soon form and as the light grows the chocolate melts. The material and structure of the lamp are the result of pure curiosity. Alexander Lervik wanted to explore the possibility of creating a contrast to light, i.e. dark. The shape of the lamp has been devised based on extensive testing involving the melting process.

Via Mashable