Minimalist Wedding Dress…

Nothing Says Blushing Bride Like The G-String Wedding Dress

So apparently fashion designers Kaviar Gauche (Those crazy Germans) think that people (I would assume women but I’m not one to judge) would be willing to wear this G-String Wedding dress… I guess the bride is covered in a veil head to toe so it’s fine…

You can see the um… Dress… in action around 37 seconds into the video below…

via Incredible Things.

Have Your Cake And Eat It…

shockleys sweet shoppe half and half wedding cake

Want a traditional white wedding cake but but also want a chocolate cake? Well you can have your cake and eat it… This half and half cake was made by Shockley’s Sweet Shoppe:

This amazing wedding cake was made of White & Chocolate fondant; specifically halved for the bride & halved for the groom. Chocolate ganache delicately dripped down the chocolate side while a hand-pipped design decorated the other side. Fresh tuxedoed strawberries adorned the cake.

shockleys sweet shoppe half and half wedding cake

shockleys sweet shoppe half and half wedding cake

Via Bridal Guide Via Pinterest (Although I had to Google for the actual Source)

Little Mermaid/Disney Wedding

I wasn’t going to blog this, but then I pissed myself laughing at the fact that she had her hair done with a fork… There is a whole photo set at the The Disney Wedding Blog of this Little Mermaid/Disney Princess Themed Wedding. Go check it out. I’ll leave you with this image of the bridal party:

Pokémon Wedding Save The Dates Cards


I do love sprite art, and I really like the Idea behind these Save the Date cards for Robby and Yaya’s wedding, it’s a shame that they are Pokemon though, I would have used a slightly better game. Like Maybe Final Fantasy VI or Chrono Trigger. It takes all sorts though…

Via  Albota

8-bit Beach Wedding Invites…



This sample 8 Bit wedding invitation from  72 Pin is pretty cool, judging by their other products though they are likely to cost $20 a piece.

It would be cheaper to buy a whole bunch of old NES games from a 2nd had store and print your own, but if you can’t be bothered then you can contact them on their site…

72 Pins

Viewmaster Wedding Invitations


When I was a kid I loved my Viewmaster, which makes these wedding invitations particularly nostalgic.

I wasn’t aware you can still get them, but apparently you can, they don’t look like they did, I wonder where they sourced all their Viewmasters for the invites from…


Apparently the Viewmaster Classic 3d Viewer is still manufactured… My heart sings! Unfortunately I can’t find anywhere in the UK that sells them, I guess if you are interested you can order them from the states, there are even companies that will print out custom Viewmaster reels for you… But it’s not cheap, alternatively there is a kit that will allow you to make your own.


Found a company in the UK that sells custom Viewmasters and will do the reels and boxes for you…

Update 3

Actually the article linked to from the original article with how another couple (I think) did their Viewmaster invitations is cooler…

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The Wedding cake is a Lie?

I love it when people express their inner geek publicly, so when I stumbled onto this Portal themed wedding invite on Kotaku is made me smile. I hope that their wedding is indeed a triumph.

If their wedding is anything near as geeky as the geekiest most awesome wedding I have ever been to, it will be amazing.

Via Kotaku.