Story Idea: Left Behind

I got this idea while reading a synopsis of “Future Boy Conan” Which I haven’t watched. I’m sure the science of this is utter bull but it could work for an interesting story. I’m just going to brain dump this here for later.

There is a huge asteroid heading towards Earth, humanity has had 5-10  years notice (maybe longer) of this but it’s so big that there was nothing that could be done to prevent it. The governments of the world decide to abandon the Earth and head out into space in search of a new home, so they have built huge spaceships called Arcs each with it’s own ecosystem and enough nuclear fuel to power it for a very long time, in order to do this they’ve basically strip mined the earth.

One of the ships gets clipped by the asteroid or something else goes wrong during takeoff that screws up it’s engines and makes it either crash back down to Earth or makes them unable to travel any distance so they are forced to land on Earth after the impact.

The survivors on this space craft and the animals/plants they took with them are the only living organisms that survived the asteroids impact apart from maybe some things under the sea and micro organisms that were hardy enough to survive it.

Story Idea: Zombie Water World

This idea stems from a tweet by @endless_psych. The basic premise is that zombies have taken over the major land masses of the earth, and people have had to migrate  en masse to the sea.

People living on cruise liners which have been retrofitted with desalinization equipment, big floating cities reminiscent of  Water World, the difference being there is land and we know where it is but we cant go there, because it’s infested with Zombies.

Not only do you have to worry about resource gathering, and general survival on the seven seas but you also have to deal with the odd floater (floating Zombies?) that passes by.

People will want to get on land to harvest raw materials and food stuff, but they run the danger of being eaten alive by the undead. I also envision there being floating zombie ships where all the occupants have been turned or eaten because the ship ran aground or they took on someone who’d been bitten.

It’s an Idea for thought, I’d be surprised if there isn’t already a B-Movie that has this very premise.

Story Idea: What ever happened to the end of the world?

I went to a Camille O’Sullivan Gig on Sunday with Annabel, and one of her songs put a short story idea in my head.

It was her song 5 Years, which is off of the album Live at the Olympia. Basically the premise for the story is that 5 years ago something happened that meant that humanity that the end of the world would be in 5 years time, there was nothing that could be done about it, the world was just going to end in 5 years. The Story would be from the point of view of a survivor of the chaos, retelling what happened over the past 5 years.

There is a twist which should be obvious, but in case it’s not I’ll not go into it.

On another note expect a review of the Gig in a later blog post, I may try to ressurect some of my old gig reveiw blog posts from when I was a “Freelance Event Technician” or Roadie. They are sitting in the databse of my old blog which has since been scrapped.

Story Idea: Rebel Clone

This idea is roughlt based on a dream I had, in my dream I was a clone of myself and I was being forced to work writing software. As with most dreams it was a bit vague. But it spawned and idea in my head.

The idea has evolved into a much bigger idea of a group of short stories concerning clones. Much like how Issac Asimov covered the ethics and issues concerned in robotics the idea is to cover similar ground with clones.

The first story is about a scientist who clones himself to get more work done but treats his clone like a slave. The clone then rebels and tries to run away. Possibly killing the scientist in the process. I’m unsure of how the rest of it pans out.

Other ideas I’ve had involve clons with shared consciesness all controlled by whomever is cloned, and the issues that would arise when one of the clones became self aware.

I’ll have to spend some time thinking on this to see if I can formulate some bettter Ideas for the more short stories. I just wanted to get the idea down, now before I forgot about it.

Story Idea: I for one welcome our <x> Overlords

So I’ve thought up an idea for a seris of short stories that I’d like to work one. The basic premise is things that seems totally harmless rising up and taking ove the world.

I’ve so far got an idea for two of these, one is based partly on a dream I had a fewweeks ago and partly on a Poem/Song I wrote when I was 15 (I’ve got no idea where the poem is now, I may have a copy on my web server), the other is based on a random thought I had yesterday while tidying up the house, which as I was tidying just grew and grew.

I’m going to try to write these up as soon as I can, they shouldn’t come to more than 1k words.

But to give you a teaser The working titles are:

“I for one welcome our Faery overlords” and “Rise of the Butterflies.”

I’ve scribbled down the opening sentence of each of them on a scrap of paper, because I know that for me that is the hardest part.

Anyway I’ve got paid work to do at the moment.