Generation Z: Curses! Someone has gone and done it…

About two years ago I wrote about my Idea for a Zombie movie/comic called Generation-Z. The basic premise was that all the children in the world turned into Zombies.

Now someone else has had the same Idea and have by the sounds of it actually written a script. They are trying to secure funding for it apparently. And they’ve given it the same name!

I very much doubt that they got the Idea from me, after all the phrase “Generation X” is common enough and it’s not a huge leap to go from there to a Zombie movie called Generation Z. It’s just a bit irritating to see an idea that you had which has promise taken up by someone else.

Oh well, I may well yet write it, I was planning on doing so for Script Frenzy but never got round to starting. They are only trying to secure funding for it and aren’t doing amazingly well at the moment.

Best of luck to them, but if I write it I’m keeping the name…

Story Idea: Zombie Water World

This idea stems from a tweet by @endless_psych. The basic premise is that zombies have taken over the major land masses of the earth, and people have had to migrate  en masse to the sea.

People living on cruise liners which have been retrofitted with desalinization equipment, big floating cities reminiscent of  Water World, the difference being there is land and we know where it is but we cant go there, because it’s infested with Zombies.

Not only do you have to worry about resource gathering, and general survival on the seven seas but you also have to deal with the odd floater (floating Zombies?) that passes by.

People will want to get on land to harvest raw materials and food stuff, but they run the danger of being eaten alive by the undead. I also envision there being floating zombie ships where all the occupants have been turned or eaten because the ship ran aground or they took on someone who’d been bitten.

It’s an Idea for thought, I’d be surprised if there isn’t already a B-Movie that has this very premise.