Amusing Stunt Pulled off for Launch of TNT Belgium

This is a fairly cool marketing stunt. In order to drum up awareness of the new TV channel TNT Belgium put an innocuous red button on a plinth with a floating sign that said “Press for drama” on it. When people pressed it DRAMA happened…


Arcade Game Drink Awareness Campaign

This is a series of posters by Laura C. Corbilla which revolve around the theme of well known video games to promote I like the idea but to be honest they look a little too clean to me. I’m no graphic designer but in order to evoke the true spirit (I’m sorry…) of the subject matter the images should have been pixel art rather than vector graphics.


Via Behance Network.

Eizo Pin-up Calendar 2010 X-Ray Nudes

Eizo who are a company that make monitors for medical imaging have released a calendar of nudes with a difference. I like the style of this, it’s clever and it’s just about safe for work.

Via ( Who seem to have taken down all the images…)

Also Via Ads of the World

I can’t seem to find the images anywhere any more…

EDIT: It’s taken me almost two years to be bothered to update this But I’ve found the images on “TheCoolList”… Here they are: