Miner Rescue!

Miner Rescue! by Alessandro Lino is a nifty little game with retro graphics, that will probably take you about 1o minutes to complete. Aliens have invaded and you need to go into the mines and rescue the miners, combat is best avoided to start with, as the aliens are tough but slow you can easily jump over them.

My only problem with this game is that it’s way too easy, it looks like the kind of retro game you’d find on a C64 or Spectrum, but completing it holds not satisfaction as there isn’t really much challenge to it.

Via FreeIndieGam.es

Dream Journal: Olympic confusion & Alien avatar

I just wanted to log this before I completely forget about it I had either two dreams last night or one that lead into another.
I the first I think I was on a family holiday somewhere in the far east probably China and somehow I got myself inducted as part of the American Olympic team for some kind of sword based martial art. I think this was slightly inspired by my having seen Scot Pilgrim the other day, in the dream I was a lot younger than I am, possibly in my teens and I remember getting in trouble for something; I can’t for the life of me remember what. I seem to remember something    about me sliding down some slidey thing into a crowd, not sure what was going on.
The second dream involved Aliens who took control of people and used their bodies in sporting competitions. I think the aliens possessed the people and trained them to compete like it was a video game. Don’t remember much else, the aliens might have been worms, or snakes that lived inside the people they controlled, not sure.
That’s it, I’m off to bed to do some more dreaming now.