Warning Amusing Cat GIFs



I’m sorry, I’m really sorry, I don’t normally post cat GIFs but this is quite amusing… Either this happens often enough for this girl to know to set up a camera or this girl always records herself brushing her teeth… Which is more weird?

I can totally see our cats doing this though… He even looks a little like one of them…

Via Blue Dog’s eyes via TooPrettyForPrison

2nd Coming canceled due to bad weather…

God's world tour canceled.

Glasgow city council have this amazing campaign to stop illegal flyposting where they stick huge stickers on the posters saying “Cancelled”, in small print the stickers say that the poster is cancelled. But for the innocent by stander it looks like the event/ album launch etc is canceled.

I saw this on my way into town and almost died laughing.

Knowing Glasgow the 2nd coming was probably canceled due to bad weather, however it’s likely that it might also be due to a lack of interest.