Coin Slot Belt

This is pretty cool, but at $90 on etsy you are probably better off buying an arcade coin slot ans making one yourself… It’s also been sold but the NES Console Belt Buckle ($140) on the same shop hasn’t been.

NES Console Belt Buckle - OMG, can I touch your power button :)

Via Fashionably Geek

(Hat Tip to Jaime Hood’s (AKA Sezcrafti) Pinterest board)

Pac-Man Arcade Cabinet Cake

pac man arcade cake

This cake by Jet City Cakes is beyond awesome, it’s made to look like they original Pac-Man aracade cabinet, and it’s fairly accurate in the detailing.

I’m trying to stop myself for posting a slew of geeky cakes, but I couldn’t help myself with this one, it is a cake and it involves Pac-Man, what’s a guy to do?

Also while I’m posting this I might as well also post this Companion Cube Cake also by Jet City Cakes:

Cake is not a lie

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