A Study in Emerald By Treefrog Games Neil Gaiman Meets Sherlock Holms Meets HP Lovecraft The Board Game!

A Study in Emerald

What happens when you get a veteran board game designer to create a board game based on a short story by Neil Gaiman which features Sherlock Holmes in a world ruled by the monsters from the works of H.P. Lovecraft’s Cthulu mythos?

You get A Study in Emerald by Treefrog Games

The setting is an alternate reality 1880’s where the great old ones have risen and rule over man. You can read the story it’s based on on Neil Gaiman’s web page. It’s worth a read as it’s quite good.

I’ve not had a chance to read through the rules of this game but it looks really interesting. You are assigned a secret identity as the start of the game, I assume ala Battlestar Galactica, you are either on the side of the restorationists, who want to overthrow the great old ones, or the loyalists, who want to keep them in power.

You travel the world and do things with cards (Like I said I’ve not read the rules I’m still excited though).

You can download the play test files off the games site and have a look, they aren’t much to look at because they still haven’t added artwork yet, but you can get an idea of the game from looking at them.

I definitely think this is on my “to buy” list, unless I hear really horrible things about it.


Are You a Gamer and an Alcoholic?

Liquor Hip Flask Stainless Steel Gameboy Serie 1   6 oz (F-65)

This Game Boy hip flask is available on Etsy from suzidressroom for just $16.59, but hurry there is only one. on a side note I don’t recall the text “Game Boy” being written in Comic Sans…

Here are the details:

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Home Made Wooden Settlers of Catan

Full BoardOn the subject of home made board games here is another one, this time it’s Settlers of Catan again from Reddit, user amaurer3210 made this with his fiancée for a friends wedding.


I machined each tile from 3/8″ ply. Each one has six magnets set into the sides so that they snap together nicely.

My fiancee did the artwork while we then silkscreened onto each tile after staining.

We all play on it nearly every weekend.

The magnets are a great idea!

Arguably it’s not as professional as the one by Boardcrafting that I posted here a couple of years ago but it’s still very nice.