In The Game of Cookies You Munch or You Die

Game of Thrones Cookie Cutters

If I made cookies more often and wasn’t perpetually on a diet trying to shift my immense man-belly, I’d seriously consider buying these 3D printed game of Thrones Cookie Cutters by artist Athey Moravets. His Etsy shop “Warpzone” specializes in custom cookie cutters and as well as the above house sigils you can also get the face of Tyrion Lannister in cookie form:

Game of Thrones Cookie Cutters

Game of Thrones Cookie Cutters

As well as a myriad of Dr Who:

Dr Who Tardis Cookie CutterDr Who Tardis Cookie Cutter

Super Mario Bros:

Mario Bros Starman Cookie Cutter

And so much more…

Via Laughing Squid