Don’t Stop Me Now

Mr. Fahrenheit

I’m not normally a fan of 9GAG as it seems to mainly consist of images scraped off of other sited with a 9GAG water mark and any attribution removed. This image appears to be a 9GAG original though it’s by pablostanley and I assume was released on the 14th. It’s amazing how this song can cheer you up or get you into the mood for a party.

via 9GAG

On Attribution

a tribute to attribution

It irks me that people do this? Fair enough not going to the effort to look up the source of something, but seriously going to extra effort to annonymize it? What even worse is folk who add a little footer to all the images that appear on their site to say hey this was at some point posted here, without actually adding attribution to the original source. 9GAG and the Cheeseburger network are pretty bad for this, they don’t care where the original image came from, but, it did at one point get posted to their sites and because of their wide reach the one with their footer becomes the one that is spread across the internet. It’s practically parasitic.

On another note I love the name of the webcomic, I’d love a chainsaw suit…


Via Chainsaw Suit

Steam Punk Outfit

This is a really cool photo of Model Nicotine in full Steam Punk Regalia, I found the image on UFunk with no credit or attribution, it’s not hard to find the source of an image these days why are people so Lazy… It’s taken me a whole minute to find her profile page on a modeling website and her own page on which I found out that she has a whole lot of other Steam punk photo’s, none as impressive as the one above.

I find it a little disgusting that somone can post a picture of somone else that is essentially a work of art without bothering their ass to find out any attribution, the caption on UFunk is just “Cute Steam Punk Girl” that’s it…

Via ModelMayhem. (And as I mentioned above UFunk, see attribution of sources, it’s easy… )