Cybertecture: I Want One Of These Mirrors In Every Room Of My House!

I’m not sure I can afford the $7,700 price tag on this Mirror that apparently, but I want one with every fibre of my existence…

Maybe I can re-mortgage my house to get it?

The Cybertecture mirror will be available for pre-order this December and will apparently start shipping in Spring 2011, it’s an internet connected interactive mirror, and it’s one of those I don’t need it but I really want it items.

See the promo video:

I can’t see anything on the actual website that mentions that it runs Android but they have a page of press articles about it and the Wall Street Journal Article mentions it as does but the Engadget article seems to say that it doesn’t I’m inclined to think Engadget are probably right, it looks cool but it looks nothing like Android.

Via  Android Devices.