Cutest Baby Dressed Up As The TARDIS You Will See In The Next 5 Minutes…

Too cute :)

It’s not just the costume, it’s the pose that just says, I am the TARDIS do you have a problem with that?

Via A Lovely Damsel

Cute Baby Monster Costume

This was submitted to‘s baby costume contest by Ashley. It’s so cute you’ll vomit rainbows. Apparently it’s home made which makes it all the more awesome…

Awesome video game inspired proud father bumper stickers

I just has a bit of deja-vu, I don’t think I’ve posted this before but my mind is telling me that I’ve had a premonition of this. Probably just a glitch in the matrix.

Anyway Das Chupa has designed these video game inspired “Proud Parent” bumper stickers in preparation for his son “Coming out of beta”.


He’s made a second set.

Via Rampaged Reality