Sexy Burt and Ernie Halloween Costumes

Sexy Bert and Ernie
In the Grand scheme of things these costumes by Yandy are actually quite tame. I’m not sure I’d ever though of Bert or Ernie as being sexy, but to each their own… If Burt and Ernie aren’t your thing you can also dress up as a sexy Big Bird, Cookie Monster or Oscar the Grouch (Or the sexy Trash Monster… We wouldn’t want to get sued)among others…) Let me show you just how “Sexy” Oscar the Grouch can be…

It’s the apple that really does it for me…
Via Laughing Squid

Big Bird Vs. Barney

I am I think a little to old for Barney to have been a part of my childhood, but I’m just old enough for him to have been about while I was in school, for some reason I really hated Barney when I was a kid. I had a screen saved installed on my Mac called Barney Blaster, which consisted of Barney Blowing up in amusing ways, I also remember having a game with the same name which allowed you to kill Barney with a variety of weapons.

That’s why this image strikes a chord with me, Big Bird Vs. Barney by deviant art user Dextorius shows as you can see Big Bird, who incidentally was on of my favourite characters in Sesame Street second only to Mr. Snufflupagus, and only a little bit ahead of Oscar the Grouch, beheading Barney.

What’s not to love?

Via Deviant Art