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All that Jazz...
A Jazz Cat (Photo credit: kelvin255)

If you like the background music in games like Bioshock and Fallout 3 then you should check out this archive of 123 Jazz songs from the 20’s which was ripped from old 78s and  and wax cylinders.

There seems to be some contention as to whether the copyright for these songs has in fact expired, leaving them in the public domain, but I’m sure if you don’t use them for commercial purposes you will be fine.

Check the comments on the post on the Internet Archive for people’s best efforts at associating the various tracks with artists and track names.

Big Daddy Linkio

DST - Big Daddy Linkio

The above image was created PeekaBooPeeper as part of an art project to create a super hero in a digital storytelling class:

We had to make up a super hero in my digital storytelling class and because we had free range, I decided it would be fun to combine three of my favorite gaming characters into one…had to make up a silly story about the freak accident that brought “Big Daddy Linkio” (Big Daddy+Mario+Link) into existence, describe his traits, powers, and so on…emphasis was story telling but gave me a great excuse to indulge in a completely ridiculous looking character…

DST - Linkio's Arsenal

Land of Rapture Video Game Jewelry

Image of Please Stand By...Image of Aperture Science NecklaceImage of Mario 1UP Mushroom Necklace

Image of Fallout 3 / Fallout New Vegas Brass CufflinksImage of Bioshock Plasmid Rings Pt2
Land of Rapture have some very classy looking video game related jewellery, for sale, they may just be printouts of game icons on resin in lockets, rings, cuff links Etc… but they are none the less really cool. They also seem to have pixel microbead things, but everyone and their dog on Etsy is selling those…

Via it8bit

Image of Beating Chest CameoImage of Autumn Owl Cameo
Image of Mario Mushroom Earrings