Tembolat Gugkaev Furniture

The furniture designs of Tembolat Gugkaev are quite cool, but they were an absolute bitch to find… I love the above illuminated shelling unit, it’s both beautiful and relatively practical. The Library Chair below looks awesome too, but I’m not sure I’d have anywhere to put it.

I think I’d also feel a little like Dumont from Tron with all that chair behind me…

Biodegradable Graffiti Made of Living Moss

I stumbled onto the image below which tells you how to make moss graffiti in simple steps, I did a quick Google and also found an instructables article on this and another that suggests beer instead of butter milk. All in all the idea is pretty neat, although I think moss can be a bitch to get rid of.

I wonder how long it will be before someone starts using this technique and a plastic stencil to do Banksy-esque graffiti using moss.

Via Real Lol


Not Really a Bitch…

Amusing play on the “I’m not really a bitch I just play one on TV” quote. You can buy it as a poster on Amazon (I’m Not Really a Bitch I Just Play One in Your Life Funny Poster Print – 33×48 cm) although I think most of the references I’ve seen to it online have been to a tin sign. See if you can find that and post a link in the comments.

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