Black Milk Pantone “Hex Colour Leggings” Are Actually Available!

I can’t remember how long ago I blogged about Black Milk’s Pantone Leggings. Anyway they are available to buy now. This marks the first time I’ve ever seen Black Milk sell anything I’ve blogged about that they make…

You can get them on the Black Milk Shop for $75 Australian Dollars (About 50 quid) + Shipping and Handling which cost’s wither $12.50 AUS or $37.29 AUS depending on how you want them shipped.

Pantone Leggings!

UPDATE: I just found out you can now get these. See this post for more pictures and details.

I’ve posted a lot of stuff by Black Milk here before, and I seem to post a lot of Pantone things too. Today the two converge with these Pantone Leggings! I have not evidence that this is actually by Black Milk as I can’t find it on their website, but that is often the case with their designs.

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Pac Man Printed Leggings!

I randomly stumbled onto these while I was looking for a GameBoy T-Shirt. If they weren’t out of stock at the only shop I can find them for sale on I’d be buying a pair for Avarinne and forcing her to wear them all the time. They are awesome. They are (or at least one incarnation of them are) as far as I can tell by Black Milk Clothing who are also responsible for the PacMan Swimsuit I blogged about at while ago, however BlackMilk are an Australian company and never seem to have any of the really cool items they supposedly make up on their website to link to, so they are a mystery…

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just hanging out in my pac-mans

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Pac Man Swimsuit!



Is it wrong that as a heterosexual guy I am more enamored by the actual swimsuit than the arguably attractive girl wearing it…

Unfortunately the link on the Topless Robot Page to Black Milk’s website appears to be broken and I can’t find the swimsuit in their catalog. Otherwise there would be one arriving in the post for Avarinne fairly shortly…

Black Milk also do R2D2 and C3P0 Swimsuits, but they aren’t as cool as this…


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