Fridge Magnet Poetry

The fridge in my old flat was covered in fridge magnet poetry when I moved I wrote down a selection of the poems that had survived. I can’t claim ownership to all of these, it was a free for all poetry jam that came together over the course of me living in my flat for almost 10 years.

 Your natural obsession with
 Outlandish cuddly fetish poetry
 Would command a bizarre
 Pathological lifestyle driven wild
 With psychedelic discontent
 She is compelled to do lunatic
 Cybersex in the most shockingly
 Freakish flawless tight place & I
 Wish her erotic wonderful sexy
 Pussy was on my perfectionist


 My fetish for him
 was curious and fabulous
 his cock magnetic
 I crave hard love


 She glows like magic
 A delirious symphony of love
 Star burst in dark night
 A storm of passion at peace
 Perilous Time rhythm ghost
 A whimsical child in love


 Speak not of repulsive green lake
 Think once of vast peaceful forest
 Life is only as sweet as you are
 Take joy for that vision n your self
 Dream of how you must need stroked


 Say wet wild animal
 Heal my sacred bug
 Slowly it drinks
 Delicious shaft honey


 Swollen is easy love
 Those who need dirty beauty
 Always shoot sweet golden juice
 Live for my love cream
 Fill butt here pole shower


 End as ask fish fire
 Never day
 Think not of grass
 Let him perfume every
 For tree star most magic life
 Is up out pudding
 Sea fist ism


 Black rain in velvet sky
 Come with me to eternity
 My whisper frantic breath
 After the power of you


 Flowery purple child explode
 Black breast
 Rub together
 With girl here


 Perhaps window to eternity
 Or cloud like circle


 Warm champagne
 Pretty cheek
 Smear it on
 Sisters head
 Blush moan