World Tattoo

World traveller  got this tattoo after being inspired by someone with a similar tattoo that he met while travelling. The plan is to slowly colour in the countries as he visits them, but he’s only posted the initial post to his blog with the 40 countries he’s been to at the time which was 2 years ago. It would be nice to see an update with it’s current progress.

This beats the pants off getting one of those scratch off maps of the world…



This short strip is by Jake Wyat for the anthology “Reality Not Included”(Kickstarter) compiled by James Bourne

You can see the Kickstarter video for the anthology below, it looks pretty cool and has been fully funded

Dinner is Coming Apron

It’s a shame that the BBQ pictured isn’t made out of the melted BBQ Tools of vanquished chefs… But still, I like the pun on the Stark family motto.

Via Super Punch