How To Choose The Perfect Board Game

This flow chart reads like a wishlist for me… Although I disagree with BSG taking less than two hours to play.

Some of my all time favourites are in there like the afore mention BSG, Game of Thrones, and Risk. As well as some I’ve had a chance to play but don’t own yet like Dominion, and Pandemic and Carcassonne (I still can’t pronounce that).

I’m going to have to go over this and pick out some to buy, also this has reminded me that I need to write a review of Small World.

Via Silver Oak Casino

Ark of the Covenant Groom’s Cake + Bonus BSG

I’m going to have to start paying attention to “When Geeks Wed” which is where I found this awesome Ark of the Covenant wedding cake, and… A REPLICA BATTLESTAR GALACTICA CAKE!!!!

CapricaIs Canned

I can’t say I’m surprised, SyFy Have decided to can the Battlestar Galactica Sequel Caprica. Hopefully they will plough the resources that they would have spent on it on making Blood and Chrome as awesome as it can be.

Caprica was a bit incoherent, it started with a fairly good premise but I think it got lost and just didn’t go anywhere.

Via TV Squad