Street Fighter x Mega Man

I’ve not had a chance to download and play this but I love that it exists. In a world where companies like Square are shutting down ChronoTrigger remakes,  it’s nice to see that Capcom have actually given their blessing to this game.

It’s MegaMan but each of the themed levels is based on a Character from the Street Fighter series of games, you fight your way through their respective levels then fight a MegaMan version of them and take their special power.

Via PC Gamer

Game of Thrones Brawler!

Capcom announce a new 2D Brawler for the PS3  based on Game of Thrones! The Screen shot above shows Rob Stark fighting Khal Drogo.

I wish this was true, it’s not… This is a mock up by deviant art user Dynamaito.

Deviant Art